UnFictional is a weekly program of audio documentaries and long form storytelling on KCRW that highlights captivating true tales, from the tragic to the humours, from the dark to the wickedly funny. Some notable stories include one man’s search for his father, who left him when he was a young child. Another features a radio DJ who develops an intimate relationship with her audience – inmates from the local prison.

UnFictional is produced by KCRW producer Bob Carlson. If you’d like to pitch a story to UnFictional, send your pitch to UnFictional@kcrw.org

Twitter: @UnFictional

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Strangers is a monthly podcast about the strangers we meet, the strangers we become, and the “strangeness” we might overcome when we find ways to connect in the modern world. It’s about travelers, seekers, dreamers, lovers and warriors. It’s about fateful moments, bad dates, long lost friends, life-saving kindnesses, and those frightful moments when we discover that we aren’t even who we thought we were. Strangers is made possible in part by the Lucius and Eva Eastman Fund.

Strangers is hosted and produced by Peabody award-winning independent producer and director Lea Thau. The musical supervisor is Myke Dodge Weiskopf.

Twitter: @leathau

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Sonic Trace is a transmedia storytelling projecting that begins by asking Los Angeles immigrants three questions: ¿Por qué te vas? (Why do you go?) ¿Por qué te quedas? (Why do you stay?) ¿Por qué regresas? (What makes you return?)

Interviews begin inside the Sonic Trace portable sound booth, ‘La Burbuja,’ which has traveled from South LA to Boyle Heights to Long Beach. Then, the stories are traced from their Los Angeles neighborhoods back to their roots in Mexico and Central America on the Sonic Trace interactive website. This oral history mosaic of Los Angeles is part radio, part video, and part interactive. Sonic Trace amplifies the 21st century Angeleno narrative.

Sonic Trace is a co-production of independent producer Anayansi Diaz-Cortez and KCRW. The project was co-produced by Zeega, a non-profit inventing new forms of interactive storytelling.

Twitter: @SonicTrace_KCRW

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Your desk. Your chair. The coffee cup in your hand. The carpet. Almost everything in front of you has been imported to the United States. Chances are it came through the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, the two largest ports in the United States.

In the spirit of Joseph Mitchell’s “The Bottom of the Harbor,” award-winning independent producer Lu Olkowski is producing a series of sound-rich, narrative radio and multimedia pieces about the changes facing the the unknown gatekeepers of the American economy: the workers at the harbor. From tugboat captains to linesmen; from pilots who guide container ships into harbor, to truckers, laborers and people in the surrounding neighborhoods. Ports is a series of audio portraits about the people who keep all of our stuff coming and going.

Ports brings award-winning independent producer Lu Olkowski back to KCRW. Her multimedia project In Verse: Women of Troy was what inspired KCRW General Manager Jennifer Ferro to create the Independent Producer Project.

Ports is made possible in part by the Good Works Foundation.

Twitter: @luolkowski

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