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Inside the nerve center of LA traffic surveillance

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ATSAC staff can view live feeds from more than 400 cameras mounted on poles and buildings around the city.

Gideon Brower makes a pilgrimage ATSAC: the Automated Traffic Surveillance and Control center located under City Hall East, in downtown Los Angeles, to find out how LA traffic is monitored and controlled.

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Finding community and beauty in the sport of flying roller pigeons

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Photo: Valerie Defert

Independent producer Jens Erik Gould discovers a Los Angeles community built around flying Birmingham roller pigeons.

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Saying Goodbye to Hollywood Park

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And they’re off! Horse and jockeys take off from the starting gates at Hollywood Park.
(Photo: Courtesy Los Angeles Public Libary)

After 75 years, Hollywood Park, the horse racing track in Inglewood will run its final live race on Dec. 22. Independent producer David Weinberg has this look back on its history, and the characters who have filled its stands over the years, for KCRW’s Which Way, LA?

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Immigration Fraud: One Survivor’s Story

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Maria Guitterez, originally from Oaxaca, Mexico and living in the United States illegally, was swindled out of $80,000 over ten years in an extended incident of immigration fraud. (Photo: Saul Gonzalez)

When Maria Guiterrez heard she could legalize her immigration status, she jumped on it. She spent $80,000 over ten years, but all the money and effort was just a scam.

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A day in the life at ‘Las Casitas’: Newbury Park’s immigrant community

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Avenida del Platino in Las Casitas, Newbury Park, CA.

Las Casitas looks like one huge cookie cutter house. But when you look closer, you make out four doors and see that it’s actually divided into four apartments. It looks that way, because it’s meant to look like the rest of Newbury Park – suburban.

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LAUSD’s first ‘parent trigger’ school opens

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One of the challenges facing teachers and administrators, is the new and growing trend of campus takeovers using the “Parent Trigger,” the California law passed in 2010 which allows parents to take control of failing schools. Three LAUSD schools attempted to implement the trigger last year, but the 24th Street Complex was the only one to see it through all the way.

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What does California’s high-speed rail mean for Central Valley farmers?

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TGV passes cows on a foggy morning

California’s high speed rail project was supposed to break ground this fall, but the project is onhold again.  But long before any trains run, the project will impact Brad Johns, a tomato farmer. His farm is 200 miles north of Los Angeles. One summer afternoon, he walked gently on a canopy of brown vines, stopped, and picked a bright red fruit. “That is an almost perfect …

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Inside the last ‘bubble house’

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Wallace Neff at an Airform construction site. (Huntington Library ) Image from “No Nails, No Lumber: The Bubble Houses of Wallace Neff” by Jeffrey Head. Princeton Architectural Press.

Wallace Neff was a “starchitect.” He designed houses for the wealthiest tycoons and biggest Hollywood stars of the 30′s 40′s and 50′s, including Charlie Chaplin, Judy Garland and Groucho Marx.

But Wallace Neff didn’t live in a mansion himself. He lived in a 1,000 square-foot bubble made of concrete. And he believed that this simple dome was one of his greatest architectural achievements. He called it the Bubble House.

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Can we heal the Ballona Wetlands?

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After a controversial restoration, the Malibu Lagoon recently re-opened. Now environmentalists are shifting focus to the Ballona Wetlands. Independent producer Jody Becker has more:

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Los Angeles bike enthusiasts look to Rotterdam for inspiration

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Bike Lane with protective buffer

Meredith Glaser is a svelte 31-year-old from Long Beach. A couple of years ago she found a job as an urban planner in Rotterdam, the second-largest city in the Netherlands. She’s learned to tolerate the wind and snow. And she’s fond of riding her bike on Rotterdam’s impressive bicycle infrastructure.
Before the second world war, Rotterdam had narrow streets and typical Dutch row houses. But in …