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UnFictional Episode ‘The Missileers’ featured on KCRW’s To the Point

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Recently on KCRW’s UnFictional, independent producer Eric Molinsky delivered a story about ‘The Missileers,’ the men and women sitting in underground bunkers, ready to launch nuclear missiles and “mutually assured destruction.” Little is known about the missileers, or the danger associated with their profession. Ronald Grey and Greg Devlin told their stories in the episode. They both survived the 1980 Damascus accident. An airman was conducting …

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A Civil Rights history lesson for the Comic-Con Generation

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Congressman and Civil Rights icon John Lewis (D-Ga.) meets a fan.

It’s not easy standing out among 125,000 costumed sci­-fi, fantasy and comics fans at San Diego Comic Con. But superheroes come in many guises.

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Ireland Under Austerity: Abandon the Horses, Evade the Tax Man

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Ireland is being held up throughout Europe as the model for austerity. But what has austerity meant for the country?