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Inside the nerve center of LA traffic surveillance

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ATSAC staff can view live feeds from more than 400 cameras mounted on poles and buildings around the city.

Gideon Brower makes a pilgrimage ATSAC: the Automated Traffic Surveillance and Control center located under City Hall East, in downtown Los Angeles, to find out how LA traffic is monitored and controlled.

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Imperial Valley Slaughterhouse Closure Worries Locals

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Imperial County in Southern California produces food for much of the country. The economy there depends on agriculture and cattle. Reporter Caitlin Esch has more on why the planned shutdown of a local beef processing plant is threatening to upset an entire region.

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Joe Frank: Isolation

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A lost man rides the underground in search of companionship, and therapy leads to unexpected places. Isolation is a Joe Frank show created in collaboration with Julian Barratt and Julia Davis.

The song “Isolation” was composed and sung by Julian Barratt.
This program was mixed by Ray Guarna. Special thanks to Michal Story.

Banner image courtesy of Michal Story

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Jenni Rowell: Life, Interrupted

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Imagine waking up every morning and seeing a stranger in the mirror…

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SXSW Preview: A Movie for Radio Folks

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“Song from the Forest” is a documentary about what happens when you hear something on the radio one day, and allow it to completely and totally change the direction of your life. I can’t wait to see it this week at SXSW.

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Liz Fletcher: Little Orphan Edie, a Valentine’s Story

Posted February 27, 2014 by | 2 Comments | ]
Orphan Edie

A tale of true love spanning four decades, two countries, and classic racial divides…

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My Reality

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A contestant on the TV program Solitary, alone in her pod, talking to Val
Courtesy of Lincoln Hiatt

A reality television producer finds a line that she refuses to cross, while a man accidentally inflicts emotional scars on a first date.

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Carthay Square, HPOZs and the Effort to Preserve a Neighborhood

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Marilouise Morgan bought her house in 1959.
“Just look around and see what’s happening east of us, where residences went in favor of large apartment buildings.”

Gideon Brower just filed this piece for KCRW’s Design and Architecture on a Los Angeles neighborhood’s fight to stay original.

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The Pitch: Jesse Hardman, ‘Preacher’s Kid’

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Read the original pitch from independent producer Jesse Hardman for his recent UnFictional story, ‘Preacher’s Kid,’ which took over a year to produce.

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Strangers Joins Radiotopia!

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I talked to 99% Invisible creator Roman Mars about the launch of his new podcast network with PRX, Radiotopia. “Radio production is not rocket science,” he told me.