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We Don’t Live Here Anymore…

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We’ve moved!
As of November 2014, we’re no longer populating this blog with Independent Producer Project-related happenings, but there are still plenty of ways to get in touch.
Visit our NEW website, where you can pitch a story idea or peruse our list of contributors.
You can also like us on Facebook and Tumblr, and follow us on Twitter.
Lastly, you can sign up for our monthly Independent Producer …

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The Sweetest Fall/Winter Volunteer Gig Around

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Looking for an awesome person to help us out!

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A Special #RadioRace Offer from Pop Up Archive!

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Need help logging tape for the 24-Hour Radio Race? We got you covered.

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UnFictional wants to hear from you!

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Do you have a story you’ve been dying to tell on UnFictional? Well they want to hear from you.

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UnFictional among The Atlantic’s “Fantastic Pieces of Journalism”

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Little Julian Herrera at the Calypso Inn,
a photo taken by vibes player Gil Rocha.

The life of an independent producer can get pretty lonely: trekking across cities and countries to follow a story, shutting the world out with headphones during hours of transcription, and finally releasing the finished product into the world for — well, who knows?
Yesterday, though, one of our intrepid independent producers got a great reminder that her work is not only reaching captive audiences, it’s sticking …

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‘Saying Goodbye to Hollywood Park’ Wins Regional Edward R. Murrow Award!

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Saying Goodbye to Hollywood Park, produced by independent producer David Weinberg for Which Way, LA?, won the regional Edward R. Murrow award for Best Feature Reporting in a region that includes California, Hawaii, Nevada and Guam. The winners of the national award will be announced in June.

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Inside the nerve center of LA traffic surveillance

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ATSAC staff can view live feeds from more than 400 cameras mounted on poles and buildings around the city.

Gideon Brower makes a pilgrimage ATSAC: the Automated Traffic Surveillance and Control center located under City Hall East, in downtown Los Angeles, to find out how LA traffic is monitored and controlled.

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Imperial Valley Slaughterhouse Closure Worries Locals

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Imperial County in Southern California produces food for much of the country. The economy there depends on agriculture and cattle. Reporter Caitlin Esch has more on why the planned shutdown of a local beef processing plant is threatening to upset an entire region.