Hello Brave Contestants!
Here’s a copy of the email that just went out to all our teams. Read on for very important info about the following:
A. A reminder about TIME ZONES – When does the race start for you?
B. How to access our SOUNDCLOUD group (where you will be posting your finished pieces!)
C. How to get in touch with us during the race
D. A very special offer just for YOU, from Pop Up Archive
A. TIME ZONES: A reminder that the Radio Race starts and ends at the same time for everyone, no matter where you are in the world. The 24-hour period begins when we email you the theme on Saturday, August 2nd at10AM Pacific Time. Your finished piece must be uploaded to SoundCloud on Sunday August 3rd at 10AM Pacific Time in order to be eligible for judging. HERE is a handy little countdown clock so you know exactly when the race starts, wherever you are. [We counted 18 different countries and 32 US States!]
There are two really important things you need to do, and we highly recommend doing them BEFORE the race begins, so that you don’t waste any precious time.
1. Set up a SoundCloud account (If you don’t already have one): just go to https://soundcloud.com/ and click the orange “Sign up for SoundCloud” button. You only need to use ONE person’s SoundCloud account per team.
2. Once you’re logged in, join the 24-Hour Radio Race Group by going HERE and clicking ‘Join’:
You may also want to familiarize yourself with SoundCloud before the race starts. Here’s an article explaining how to upload a piece. Simply select the “Choose files” button, then locate the mp3 of your finished piece on your computer. We recommend starting this process at LEAST 30 minutes before the deadline to be safe.
Title your piece as follows: “TEAM NAME: Title of your piece”
Once you’re piece is uploaded, add it to the 2nd Annual 24-Hour Radio Race group page by going back to your public profile (http://bit.ly/Up6EeI) and clicking the ‘Add to group’ button that appears on your track player (http://bit.ly/Sn5Rz7). Then select KCRW’s 2nd Annual 24-Hour Radio Race Group from the drop down menu.
If you get stuck at any point in this process, there’s a lot of helpful info at http://help.soundcloud.com/ or you can submit a specific help request by going to http://help.soundcloud.com/customer/portal/emails/new
If you have any questions during the 24-Hour Radio Race, don’t hesitate to contact us. At least one of our 24-Hour Radio Race team members will be on call for the entire 24 hours. You can email your question to ipp@kcrw.org or you can post your question and interact with other teams on our Facebook event page. You can also ask your question on Twitter using #RadioRace.






Our friends at Pop Up Archive are offering all Radio Race contestants one full month of uploads for free! Their auto-transcription toolkit will make logging your tape a cinch. You have to email them to cash in on the offer. Learn more.




The top ten finalists will be announced on Tuesday, August 5th. We plan to announce the winners on Tuesday, August 12th. Winners will be announced in an EMAIL to all contestants from ipp@kcrw.org.


We hope this answers any questions you may have leading up to the race, but if not, feel free to get in touch!


The next email you’ll be getting from us will be on Saturday at 10AM (Pacific Time!) announcing the start of the race and your THEME! Until then, hydrate, get lots of sleep, and ALWAYS remember to stretch. Stretching is important.


Talk to you soon!



  • Brie Ripley

    What time will we know who made the Top 10?

    • Carlee Jensen

      We can’t give a concrete time right now, but the Top 10 will be released by tomorrow morning at the latest. Hang tight!