A family tragedy sends the Corchados from Mexico to California’s Central Valley, searching for greener pastures. Upon arrival, that’s hardly what they find. But some years later, a deal involving a 1978 Camaro sets the oldest son on a path to unlikely success. Now he’s risking his life every day to get the story out.

Alfredo Corchado is the author of the book Midnight in Mexico.

brothers.jpgAlfredo (left) with two brothers in the California fields


Six Corchado kids in the 70′s (when all Alfredo wanted to do
was stay in the fields and buy a car–that’s him the red sweater)


david.jpgAlfredo’s brother David working the fields at age 15


Corchados-today-.jpgThe Corchados with their kids, all grown up


corchado.jpgAlfredo Corchado, the author


Banner image: Alfredo Corchado in front of his childhood home in Durango