joe frankThis year, Joe Frank has been producing shows exclusively for KCRW’s UnFictional. He returns this week with “A Life Well Lived,” a piece about personal fragmentation and the hardships of love. Joe Frank has inspired many radio producers and artists over the span of his 30+ year career, and occasionally, UnFictional producer Bob Carlson has been talking to some of these producers about how Joe has affected their work.


benjamin_walkerBenjamen Walker produces the weekly radio show Too Much Information on WFMU and also has a podcast, Benjamen Walker’s Theory of Everything“The first time I heard Joe Frank I was working at my college radio station in Bozeman, Montana. I remember immediately, after five minutes it was clear: oh yeah, radio can be art too. You could just hear the ambition in it, that this was something that was going places, that was taking you somewhere. Somewhere pretty grand.”


Too-Much-Information-with-Benjamen-Walker-Podcast-_-WFMUBenjamen’s style has often been compared to that of Joe Frank’s abstract, philosophical monologues. ”What Joe Frank has always done is showed us that one person, with just a microphone and a recording device, maybe a little music, can create a whole entire universe. And I think you can hear that just by listening for a few minutes. I wish we would hear more of that.”




You can listen to Joe Frank’s latest work for UnFictional below, and find many more stories from Joe Frank at

 ”A Life Well Lived” was written and narrated by Joe Frank
With Joe Frank and Ryan Cutrona
Mixed by Ray Guarna
Co-produced by Joe Frank and Michal Story
Photo Credit: Michal Story