The following is from KCRW’s Director of Talk Programming, Harriet Ells:

Let’s face it: 24 Hours is not a lot of time to produce an award-winning radio piece. But it is possible.  And just because you don’t have state of the art recording equipment doesn’t mean you don’t have a competitive edge. After all, smartphones these days are designed with efficiency in mind, right?  So, I asked some of our KCRW producers and staff to tell us what apps they use.  Here are some ideas to help you with your radio race piece:

Recording Audio

4565472480_1fbc2c2804The most used app for radio producing among KCRW staff is VoiceMemo – the iPhone app that comes standard.  Avishay, our news producer, uses Tape-a-Talk on the Android. He likes it because it saves the file in a high quality .wav format.

Bob, the host and producer of UnFictional, introduced us all to an app called Heard. Edward Snowden beware: the app records everything from the last five minutes. One iTunes reviewer says that it makes him feel like he has superpowers.

File Management and Delivery

UnknownDropbox and SoundCloud are two must-haves for radio producers.  Dropbox allows you to send files to other devices and people.  So if you’re working in a team, this would be a great tool for sharing audio.

SoundCloud is kind of like the YouTube for audio.  It’s a place to discover original pieces and music.  You can also use it to share the finished product. Contestants are required to use SoundCloud to deliver their entry.


Jenny, who works on the Treatment and IPP, swears by Hindenburg Lite.  Hindenburg is nimble audio editing software popular with storytellers and radio producers.  The app syncs easily with Dropbox and SoundCloud.


mzl.xzsqjqrpCaitlin from Which Way LA? and To The Point recommends Dragon Dictation, which will transcribe your copy on the fly. If you’re sharing a script, the Google Drive app is useful (available on iPhone and Android).



Finally, while you’re frantically driving around town to complete your story. According to Kajon, use Waze to help navigate.

What apps do you use for audio production?  Share them here.


  • BetsyKCRW

    This is a really fun piece and makes it seem easy!!!!

    Love how y’all are rallying around such a fun idea. I am even considering entering the competition – even though I’ve never produced an audio piece in my life!!!

  • NorthsideLou

    I would add Reaper as an asset for editing software. The evaluation period is long enough to produce a story in 24 hours without having to buy software. Also, the learning curve is not that steep if you’ve used other non-linear editing software before.