On Tuesday, February 26th, KCRW’s Independent Producer Project hosted it’s first ever live streaming workshop  on the art of Writing for Radio with Alex Chadwick, whose distinctive work makes him one of the most recognized reporters in public radio. KCRW Producer Matt Holzman co-hosted the event, which covered everything a radio producer needs to know in order to shape a good story into a great piece of radio. We also fielded questions from viewers watching live everywhere from Portland, to San Antonio, to Watertown, Wisconsin.

You can watch the full workshop below. To get a copy of the materials discussed, plus a list of the clips played, email ipp@kcrw.org with “Writing” in the subject line.

  • http://www.bostonpicturegroup.com Marnie Crawford Samuelson

    Hi, Very much enjoyed the broadcast. Thank you.
    Writing to see whether I could get the links to audio you mentioned.
    Also wondering about Alex’ 60 page NPR guide. Any info for finding?
    Thanks very much

    • http://blogs.kcrw.com/ipp Jenny Radelet

      Hi Marnie,

      You can get the 60 page guide, plus other materials mentioned and a list of all the clips played, by emailing ipp@kcrw.org with ‘Writing’ in the subject line.


  • Vanessa Finney

    Some favorites: “A story should feel like it grew, and it’s what it was meant to be.” “To get good interviews you have to let your own mask down and reveal yourself somewhat.” “Express the human part of yourself in a story; the more you can do that, the stronger you are as a storyteller.”
    “When you read in your own voice..then you sound like you believe what you’re saying…it’s coming from your head AND your heart, and that’s really powerful. That conveys on the radio really well.”

    - Alex Chadwick

    Really good workshop, thank you!