Evan’s Pie Inspired Beer Naming Contest

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About the Contest

In honor of Pie-A-Day and KCRW’s 5th Annual Good Food Pie Contest, The Bruery & Evan Kleiman got together to create a beer, and it HAS NO NAME. It’s crunchtime for getting our labels printed and we thought YOU should name that beer.

How to Play!

  1. Read the provided description and start dreaming up a great name for this special rhubarb raspberry pie inspired beer.
  2. Submit one name per comment in the comments section below.
    Make sure to add your email address or a twitter handle where we can reach you if you are a finalist. Feel free to drop your blog handle if you are a blogger.
  3. Scroll through the names and give a thumbs up or thumbs down to the submissions that you do or do not like.
  4. Send your friends and fellow beer lovers over to vote your submission up!
  5. Consider joining us for our #PieBeer Twitter Chat – get your #piebeer questions answered!
  6. Evan will announce the finalists on Tuesday afternoon…
    We will consider all of the submissions and Evan will announce the finalists in a Good Food blog post on Tuesday, July 9th at 5:00pm PT
  7. Stay tuned to Good Food Blog, Twitter & Facebook –
    We will announce the winner Wednesday, July 10th at NOON.
  8. Come back to this page later for info about how to get your hands on this awesome beer and to see its fancy new label artwork. 

piebeer twitter chat

Join a special TWITTER CHAT Monday afternoon hosted by @KCRW with @EvanKleiman and @TheBruery.
Follow the hashtag #PieBeer, starting at 4pm, Monday July 8th, ask your #PieBeer questions to the experts and be inspired!

Finalists will be announced Tuesday, July 9 at 5:00pm PT on the Good Food blog.

Evan will announce the winner on Wednesday, July 10th at NOON on her Facebook page. Stay tuned!

The Twitter Chat


This beer is designed to replicate the flavors of rhubarb raspberry pie. The recipe encourages sweetness balanced by tartness, intense fruit character, and a “graham cracker-like crust” flavor. The high gravity, high mash temperature and choice of specialty malts encourages residual sweetness, while the rhubarb and semi-wild wood fermentation will encourage tartness. The yeast selection will also add other fruit-like elements, and the esters will add to the perception of sweetness. Additional blending may occur prior to packaging to either encourage additional sweetness or tartness.



The Finalists

We received over 200 comments on our #PieBeer naming contest. Thank you to everyone who participated! After a long pow wow with my friends at The Bruery I have narrowed the submissions down to five candidates. Drum rolllllll…..

  • 3.1415926535897932384626433832795028841971693993751058209749445923078164062862089986280348 from @reechardparks
  • The Raspy Ruebarb by Bregan
  • InsPIEred Ale from Susan Moore
  • KCRW’s Good Brued from @The_DRV
  • Windowsill Sour Ale from @hotknivez


And the WINNER is…..

submitted by Hot Knives


The Prize

The winner will have the honor of having his or her submission printed and slapped on the bottle of this specially brewed beer. We will also send you a gift certificate to The Bruery and have a special prize package for you at KCRW’s 5th Annual Good Food Pie Contest.