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About the Contest

In honor of Pie-A-Day and KCRW’s 5th Annual Good Food Pie Contest, The Bruery & Evan Kleiman got together to create a beer, and it HAS NO NAME. It’s crunchtime for getting our labels printed and we thought YOU should name that beer.

How to Play!

  1. Read the provided description and start dreaming up a great name for this special rhubarb raspberry pie inspired beer.
  2. Submit one name per comment in the comments section below.
    Make sure to add your email address or a twitter handle where we can reach you if you are a finalist. Feel free to drop your blog handle if you are a blogger.
  3. Scroll through the names and give a thumbs up or thumbs down to the submissions that you do or do not like.
  4. Send your friends and fellow beer lovers over to vote your submission up!
  5. Consider joining us for our #PieBeer Twitter Chat – get your #piebeer questions answered!
  6. Evan will announce the finalists on Tuesday afternoon…
    We will consider all of the submissions and Evan will announce the finalists in a Good Food blog post on Tuesday, July 9th at 5:00pm PT
  7. Stay tuned to Good Food Blog, Twitter & Facebook -
    We will announce the winner Wednesday, July 10th at NOON.
  8. Come back to this page later for info about how to get your hands on this awesome beer and to see its fancy new label artwork. 

piebeer twitter chat

Join a special TWITTER CHAT Monday afternoon hosted by @KCRW with @EvanKleiman and @TheBruery.
Follow the hashtag #PieBeer, starting at 4pm, Monday July 8th, ask your #PieBeer questions to the experts and be inspired!

Finalists will be announced Tuesday, July 9 at 5:00pm PT on the Good Food blog.

Evan will announce the winner on Wednesday, July 10th at NOON on her Facebook page. Stay tuned!

The Twitter Chat


This beer is designed to replicate the flavors of rhubarb raspberry pie. The recipe encourages sweetness balanced by tartness, intense fruit character, and a “graham cracker-like crust” flavor. The high gravity, high mash temperature and choice of specialty malts encourages residual sweetness, while the rhubarb and semi-wild wood fermentation will encourage tartness. The yeast selection will also add other fruit-like elements, and the esters will add to the perception of sweetness. Additional blending may occur prior to packaging to either encourage additional sweetness or tartness.



The Finalists

We received over 200 comments on our #PieBeer naming contest. Thank you to everyone who participated! After a long pow wow with my friends at The Bruery I have narrowed the submissions down to five candidates. Drum rolllllll…..

  • 3.1415926535897932384626433832795028841971693993751058209749445923078164062862089986280348 from @reechardparks
  • The Raspy Ruebarb by Bregan
  • InsPIEred Ale from Susan Moore
  • KCRW’s Good Brued from @The_DRV
  • Windowsill Sour Ale from @hotknivez


And the WINNER is…..

submitted by Hot Knives


The Prize

The winner will have the honor of having his or her submission printed and slapped on the bottle of this specially brewed beer. We will also send you a gift certificate to The Bruery and have a special prize package for you at KCRW’s 5th Annual Good Food Pie Contest.


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  • @BetsyKCRW said:

    Rhuby Red Brew

  • Bryan Richton said:

    Rhubarbed Wire Red

  • Frank said:

    Rhub Tart Tarte

    The beer itself will actually be tart, and paired next to the French word for pie (many of their beers have French names) and a one-syllable shortened version of Rhubarb it kinda of sounds like "steak tartare".

  • Ben said:

    Raspberry RhuBeerb

  • I Made a Pie Beer with The Bruery – Now It’s up to you to name it! | Good Food said:

    [...] We’ve launched a contest to name my pie beer! ”Pie Beer?” you ask… “Yes,” I answer. Below is the story of how my pie beer with The Bruery came to pass. [...]

  • @Beergasms said:

    Rhuberry Pie Bier

  • @BetsyKCRW said:

    OH, hey Ben of LAfoodie.com….!

  • @BetsyKCRW said:

    I'd like this at least twice if I could.

  • @soloicanthearit said:

    Conan the RhuBarbarian Ale

  • Roger said:

    Ruby Red

    OK, you mighty want Rhuby Red, but Ruby is a real word.

  • Jerk said:

    More like Rhepost.

  • Harriet said:

    Pie is Better Than Cake Beer

  • @beerchick said:

    3.14159265359 Beer

  • Steve said:

    Tarte Ruebarbe

    I feel it’s fitting given the names of your previous beers.

  • Hot Knives said:

    Windowsill Sour Ale @hotknivez

  • Kristian Cruz said:

    Ruby Rasbeery

  • Matt said:


  • @beerchick said:

    Pie is the new Cake Ale

  • Nknapowski said:

    Aye there’s the… Rhubarb pie inspired-ale

  • Jason said:


  • @TheLiterati said:

    Brubarb Raspberry Beer

  • Bregan said:

    The Raspy Rhubarb

  • Brewer said:

    Afternoon Delight

  • Anchorman said:

    Sky rockets in flight!

  • Luiselias Garcia said:


  • Mike Cobb said:


  • Catherine said:

    Rasbarb gravity mash

  • evankleiman said:

    Love this!

  • evankleiman said:

    Thumbs UP

  • Ben said:

    Haha… Hello BetsyKCRW! :D

  • Harriet said:

    The Crust Is the Best Part Beer

  • Brandon Matthews said:


  • gillianferg said:

    Rhazzle Dazzle

  • Ryan young said:

    Tarte à la Ruebarbe

  • Amit said:

    'barb 'berry pie-rate beer

  • @Hhumpleman said:

    Rhuberry Brew

  • @Hhumpleman said:

    Ale Take Another Slice

  • Megan Isser said:

    Mom's Been Drinkin'

  • Gregg said:

    Evan's Pie Heaven Ale

  • MrVonzipper said:

    Frambarb Tarte

  • LUMINARI said:

    Rhubric Redemption
    Rhub Goldberg Machine

  • robtak said:

    Evan's PiePA

    twit: @robtak

  • John Gonzalez said:

    Blueberry Pie-neken

  • hells said:

    Rhu the Day

  • Rick said:

    Bruebarb Rasberry Ale

  • Tati said:

    Rhubarb-azzle dazzle

  • Nick Otis said:

    Rhube SoHo

  • mc said:

    Ruebarberry Pie

  • Matt said:

    Duchess de Frambarberria (duke if you’re worried about lawsuits…)

  • sourpuss said:

    Radiant rapture

  • Grant Brennan said:

    Raspberry Libation Pie

  • Grant Brennan said:

    RaspberryLibation Pie

  • Ben A. said:

    Rhub Rassberg Sour Pie

  • Sharon Wright said:

    Get Some R & R !!!

  • Bryan Richton said:

    rhuberry tart of summer ale

  • Luis Aranda IV said:


  • Diana Davis said:

    Go Patrick! Is it going to be a Framboise? Call it "Tarte (as in french for "pie") Wit" (for a wheat beer). Tarte Wit

  • Diana Davis said:

    Bruebarb Pie.

  • Chloe said:

    Pie the Raspbarbarian.

  • Beth-Ellen Fried-Clausen said:

    BarBerry Brue
    RhubBerry Bruicious

  • Jen said:

    Grandma's Kiss

  • Conor said:

    Crusty 'Barb

  • Jason said:

    Evan Better Than The Real Thing

  • Matt phillips said:

    Rhu-RazzBeery Pie

  • Paula W. said:

    22/7 Ale

  • @toddmintz said:

    Rhuby Don't Take Your Pie To Town

  • Ryan said:

    Pie One On

  • @kylelandig said:

    Rueberry Berazzle

  • @kylelandig said:

    Ruebarb Oude Raspie

  • @kylelandig said:

    Bier de Pie Rueberry

  • @BrettSArnold said:

    Pie Pie, Baby

  • amy said:

    lattice brew

  • @kylelandig said:

    Rhube of Tarteness (or ‘Tartness’)

  • Brad Cronkrite said:

    Since pies are circular and it has two “R” ingredients, it should be “Pi R Squared” or “π R²”.


  • Michael R said:

    fermentum π

  • Josh Friedman said:

    Hopsberry Pie Beer

  • derek hollingsworth said:

    Rhubaraspberry Rue Brue- Combining rhubarb and raspberry with Patrick Rue and Bruery.

  • Amy said:

    Barbaberry Brew

  • Fyodor Soiguine said:

    'Barb Wire

  • Walker said:

    Pie in the Face

  • Mike said:

    Rhubarbra Anne

  • Susan McBride said:

    RhuBrue, short and sweet, and memorable.

  • Valerie Barro said:

    KCRW's Good Brew'd

  • jake said:


  • Jason Moore said:

    I love saying ‘Ruebrue’ but think that should be saved for a Patrick signature brew; therefore, I’d say that, as long as the rhubarb is obvious in the flavor, simply ‘RUEBARB’ is the clear winner.

    The rest of the elements can be in the first sentence of the description and the back story in the second.

  • Phillip said:

    Brue'd Rhub'd Pie

    It's a bit of play on words with The Bruery and Rhubarb. Quite straight to the point really.

  • Mark said:

    Rhazz, Wit and Brew

  • Matt said:

    Barbarian Rhu

  • Chris Quiroga said:

    Tarte Rhu

  • Susan Moore said:

    InsPIEred Ale

  • lawonders said:

    Tarte Aux Fraises


  • David said:

    Tarte D'été

  • Ryan Lewis said:

    Rhubarb Pie-Eyed

  • Alexandra Agajanian said:

    “The Bruebarb Framboise” ….get it?

  • Forrest Miller said:


  • Keith Erselius said:

    Pie In The Glass

  • mr.hops said:

    rhuberry pie

  • mr.hops said:

    rhuberry sweettart

  • tabby said:

    Rhapsody in Brew

  • mr.hops said:


  • Angela said:

    Pie of Rhu

  • Angela said:

    RxR Pie

    Messed up on my email in my last submission of Pie of Rhu. The email on this one is correct.

  • Angela said:

    R&R Pie

  • Angela said:

    Tarte RhuBerry

  • Brad said:

    Ruby's Raspberry Pie

  • Anthony said:

    Bar Pie.

  • Kyle said:

    "Them Bood Ol' Boys Were Drinking Crispy and Pie"

  • Kyle said:

    "The Art of Tart"

  • Maxx said:

    ‘Merican Pie

  • mr.hops said:

    rhuby's raspberry pie

  • mr.hops said:

    rhuby's raspberry sweettart

  • Jonathan said:

    "The snozzberries taste like snozzberries!"

  • Barbara Robertson said:

    Crusty Rhu Brew

  • Barbara Robertson said:

    Brew Rhu Rhu!

  • Barbara Robertson said:

    Slice of Heaven

  • Jordan said:


  • Jay said:


    (With the pound sign)

  • J__ said:

    (Time for) a little R & R.

  • Angie Ramirez said:

    Rhu-beer Raspie

  • Michael Taub said:

    Pie’d Piper

  • Hillary said:

    "Mama's Little Baby"

    Yes, the idea is stolen from Prairie Home Companion's rhubarb pie parody commercial.

  • Andrew T said:

    Rue-by Rhu-by Red

  • Andrew T said:


  • George Paquette said:

    Rasbruery Pie

  • George Paquette said:

    Rasbruery Delight

  • Javier Esparza said:

    Mama’s Ruebarb Secret

  • Hiyam said:

    RueBoise Tarte

  • Forrest said:

    Rueberry Delight

  • Roger A. said:

    Rhubarb Berry De Tart

  • Hiyam said:

    Good name, but fraises means strawberries, not raspberries.

  • Heidi said:

    Bruebarb Berry Tart

  • Pieter said:


  • GPK said:

    Zot Framboise Taart (Zot rhymes with note Flemish for crazy)

  • Andy said:


    French for sweet and sour!

    Check out our blog beautyandthebeergeek.com

  • Ariell Ayalon said:


  • mr.hops said:

    rhubarb raspberry pie

  • Ariell Ayalon said:

    Rheum Crustum

  • Ariell Ayalon said:

    Rubus Crustum

  • Aaron Hansen said:

    Shut Your Pie Hole

  • Jason Moore said:

    Sorry Jake, I guess I hadn’t refreshed my browser because your entry wasn’t visible when I posted. Guess mine just serves as a vote for your entry. Good luck!

  • mr.hops said:

    RhuBruery Pie

  • Aaron Hansen said:

    Pie in the Sky

  • Ryan said:

    Lard de Tart

  • Hiyam said:

    Rueby Tuesday

  • Christopher Vincent Hussain said:

    RUEbarb RaspBEERy Pie

  • Steve said:

    Brewbarb Ras….of course:)

  • Michael M said:


  • Chris S said:

    Blessing in the pies

  • Hiyam said:

    Tarte D'Ete (I can't figure out how to do accents on my computer, but it translates to Summer Pie.)

  • felicitydoyle said:

    Red Oude Brueberry Pie

  • Greg Howell said:


  • mr.hops said:

    Grahama's RhuBruery Pie

  • mr.hops said:

    Grahama's Rhuberry Pie

  • Hiyam said:

    Pie’d Piper

  • Gregory Mirabal said:

    Dent Douce (Sweet Tooth)

  • Gregory Mirabal said:

    Torta Ruebarbaro Lampone

  • Colin said:

    Pie's the Limit

  • Colin said:

    Li'l R & R from the Bar

  • @edicius said:

    "Rhubarb The Day," a play on "Rue The Day".

  • Mike Newman said:

    Grand Crhubarb Pie

  • Mike St. Pierre said:

    Frambarbe tarte bier

  • Chris Seid said:

    Rheum For Pie

  • @ilikebs said:

    Crusty Ale

  • @ilikebs said:

    Not Yo' Grahama's Pie

  • @ilikebs said:

    Crusty Hops Pie

  • @ilikebs said:

    Crusty Tart

  • @ilikebs said:

    Better Hops and Gardens

  • @ilikebs said:

    Sweet Tang

  • @ilikebs said:

    Roasted Raspberry Rhubarb (because the name doesn't always have to be soooooo clever) Have fun with the contest! :)

  • David said:

    Acidulée et Piquante

  • David said:

    Idée Tarte

  • David said:

    Ensemble d' Evan

  • Angie said:

    Rhuberry- beer pie

  • nicole said:

    Tiges Sucrées (sweet stems)

  • Jonathan Gold said:


  • Ritesh said:


  • @The_DRV said:

    KCRW's Good Brued

  • @The_DRV said:


  • Gregory Cervantes said:

    With the actual Pi sign.

  • Gregory Cervantes said:


  • @The_DRV said:


  • Kathy said:

    Rhuby Bruesday Sweet 'n Sour Pie Mash

  • @astrotuff said:

    More Than a Filling

  • Gregory Cervantes said:

    BrHu-Berry Pi

    For the 3 amazing ingredients and the .14….. For the part that will blow you mind.

  • @The_DRV said:

    Save Room for Dessert

  • Michelle said:

    Rhuby Brew

  • @reechardparks said:

    Evan's Rhubeerb Pie PA

  • @reechardparks said:

    Brewfly Pie

  • @reechardparks said:

    Eine Kleiman Nacht-your-normal Beer

  • @The_DRV said:


  • @reechardparks said:

    Area = Pi x Beer Squared

  • @reechardparks said:

    Brewbarb Rasbeery Pie

  • @reechardparks said:


  • @reechardparks said:

    Rhuby Brewsday

  • @reechardparks said:

    Her Royal Pie-ness

  • @reechardparks said:

    Come Pie Away With Me

  • Greg Cervantes said:

    Sing this name with me.

    "Hot Pocket!"

  • @reechardparks said:

    A Rhubarb and a Raspberry Walk Into a Bar…

  • @reechardparks said:

    The following could be wrapped around the bottle in a circular design:


  • @reechardparks said:

    Bottle it as a 40-oz and call it "Three-point-one-forty"

  • Sarah Meacham said:

    razzaroo brew

  • Erica said:

    Pie Are Round
    π r o

  • J. Bragg said:

    Raspy Rube

  • @tinyjenni said:

    Pie in the Mash.

  • Alex said:


  • Adam Burnett said:

    Ben Franklin Brunch

  • Raul said:

    Of course it should be called "Bebop-a-Rebop" in honor of "A Prairie Home Companion" (even though it doesn't air on KCRW). =)

  • Koryn said:

    Lone Starr's Raspberry Jam (Pie)

  • Fellow Brewer said:

    Rue Rouge
    ("Red Street" in French)

  • Ed Sharp said:

    Tart de Rhubarbe

  • @reechardparks said:

    What Rhub Made This Beer Taste Like Pie?

  • Emily said:

    Wicked Dorothy. With a big picture of her red slippers on the label.

  • Jason said:

    Rhubarbara Piesand

  • Eric Sena said:

    Piece Offering

  • Jackie C. said:

    Rhu-Ras Pie Bruehaha

  • David said:

    Grahamatic inFruition

  • jasmine said:

    a cold bRHUesky

  • Top Five Finalists Announced for Evan’s Pie Beer Name | Good Food said:

    [...] received over 200 comments on our #PieBeer naming contest. Thank you to everyone who participated! After a long pow wow with my friends at The Bruery I have [...]

  • Bill said:

    I don’t see Rhubeery

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  • Pie Drinks and Hare Pie at Ray’s and Stark Bar | Good Food said:

    [...] Bar will be serving Windowsill, the pie beer Evan developed with The Bruery in Placentia. We’re so excited to see it in a [...]

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