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Recipe: Three Summer Tartines (Avocado, Nectarine and Green Tomato)

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Amelia Saltsman is the author of the Santa Monica Farmers’ Market Cookbook. This week she shares three tartine recipes for summer. She tops toasted country bread with ingredients like smashed avocado, green tomatoes, and nectarines.

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Recipe: The Perfect Cup of Darjeeling

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Steeping the perfect cup of Darjeeling tea is simple but exacting. Jeff Koehler, author of Darjeeling: The Colorful History and Precarious Fate of the World’s Greatest Tea, joins us this week on Good Food.

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Drink Like a Pro on Your Next Flight

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A handful of companies are coming to the rescue in the carry-on drinks department. Wine writer and comedian Marissa Ross is a big fan of Fly Wine , a collection of TSA-friendly single serving bottles that you won’t find on your average Delta flight.

The online drinks magazine Punch recently partnered with W&P Design to create the Carry-On Cocktail Kit, a smartly packaged case of cocktail ingredients like tonic syrup for G&Ts and seasoned bitters for Old Fashioneds.

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Good Food’s Weekly Farmers’ Market Digest

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This week market manager Laura Avery talks with pastry chef Shannon Swindle of Craft who is shopping for seasonal fruit like cherries, apricots and olallieberries. He bakes them into pies, purees them into sorbets or serves them fresh. Plus, Ken Brown of Andy’s Orchard discusses his five varieties of cherries and describes the nectarines, apricots and peaches we can look forward to in the weeks to come.

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Recipe: Chocolate-Filled Doughnut Muffins

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This week we hear from Brigit Binns author of Sunset’s Eating Up the West Coast: The best road trips, restaurants, and recipes from California to Washington. This recipe for Chocolate-Filled Doughnut Muffins was inspired by Franny’s Cup and Saucer a mother-daughter run bakery in Point Arena, CA.

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Jonathan Gold Reviews Tumanyan Khinkali Factory in Glendale

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Jonathan Gold is the Pulitzer Prize-winning food writer for the LA Times. This week he reviews Tumanyan Khinkali Factory, a Georgian soup dumpling specialist in Glendale. He describes the khinkali as a “near peak soup dumpling experience.”

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Recipe: Roasted Leg of Lamb with Black Cherry-Pomegranate Salsa

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Photo credit: Jason Varney.

It’s cherry season here in Southern California, so we knew we had to ask Maureen Abood about her black cherry salsa. This week on the show she says, “Lamb loves to be paired with something sweet, and this recipe is just gorgeous.”

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Cocktail Recipe: Afton Club Punch

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Punch cover

David Wondrich is a cocktail historian and the author of two great books on cocktail lore. This week we dive into punch, the subject of his 2010 book Punch: The Delights and Dangers of the Flowing Bowl.

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Good Food’s Weekly Farmers’ Market Digest

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This week market manager Laura Avery and Chef Bruce Kalman of Union in Pasadena discuss the minimum waste stream of root-to-leaf cooking. Plus, Aja Tamai of Tamai Family Farms discusses her sweet mini peppers and three varieties of honeydew melons – honeygold, honey dewlicious and summerdew.

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Recipe: Kardemummakaka (Cardamom Cake)

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kumminskorpor CARAWAY CRISPS

This week we hear from Anna Brones and Johanna Kindvall, authors of Fika: The Art of the Swedish Coffee Break. This recipe was inspired by Johanna’s mother’s cardamom cake.