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Recipe: Nora Singley’s One-Pan Pasta

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Evan's One-Pan Pasta 590

Contrary to what tradition dictates, food stylist and culinary producer Nora Singley discovered One-Pan Pasta during a trip to Puglia, where a restaurant proprietor shared his mother’s recipe with her. She admits that the very idea seemed blasphemous until he personally demonstrated its simple expediency—all within nine minutes.
Nora returned to New York and developed this recipe for Martha Stewart Living, where it took the internet by storm. The key is that …

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Recipe: Elysian Chef David Thorne’s Lamb with Market Vegetables & Dukkah

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Elysian - Lamb, Market Vegetables & Dukkah (outline)

This week at the market, we ran into Elysian chef/co-owner David Thorne, who shares his fall recipe for Lamb with Market Vegetables and Dukkah.

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Recipe: Nancy Singleton Hachisu’s Japanese Shiso Rolls with Miso

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Nancy Singleton Hachisu in her kitchen. Japan_Hachisu_Farm_FW_Summer2014

From her latest book, Preserving the Japanese Way, Nancy Singleton Hachisu shares a recipe for Shiso Rolls with Miso, which she says can be enjoyed with a bowl of hot rice as a savory-sweet snack to go with afternoon green tea.

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Jonathan Gold Reviews Broken Spanish

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Broken Spanish - Chicharron (thumbnail)

This week on Good Food, Jonathan visits Broken Spanish, Chef Ray Garcia’s second outpost for modernist Mexican food, in Downtown LA.

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Good Food Weekly Farmers Market Digest

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Image-1 (33)

This week, Santa Monica Farmers Market Manager Laura Avery talks with farmer Scott Peacock of Peacock Family Farms about his walnut orchard, and with David Thorne, chef/co-owner of Elysian.

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Recipe: Michael Solomonov’s Pumpkin Broth with Fideo

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Zahav - Fideo

James Beard Awardee Michael Solomonov shares this vegan recipe for Pumpkin Broth with Fideos that foregoes chicken or vegetable stock in lieu of creating an intense broth from leftover pumpkin peels and a mixture of Sephardic spices.

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Off the Menu: Asian America, a Documentary by Grace Lee

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Off the Menu

Filmmaker Grace Lee’s new documentary, Off the Menu: Asian America, is a road trip into the kitchens, factories, temples, farms and lives of Asian Pacific Americans that explores what they eat as a reflection of these ever-evolving communities.

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The Fight to Save Mexico’s Heirloom Corn

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Mexican Corn 190

Chef Carlos Salgado of Taco María is rallying the effort to protect and preserve Mexican Heirloom corn after a federal court overturned a two-year-old ban that had prevented biotech companies from planting their genetically modified corn in Mexico.

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Recipe: Chef Alex Ageneau’s Grilled Persimmon Salad at aestus

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Aestus - Grilled Persimmons

Chef Alex Ageneau of the restaurant, aestus, in Santa Monica prefers to keep things simple when it comes to cooking with tsurunoko persimmons, so as not to overshadow their natural flavor. He serves his fruit grilled on a bed of fresh arugula and thinly shaved cauliflower with just a touch of citrus dressing.

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Good Food Weekly Farmers’ Market Digest

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Every week Good Food visits the Wednesday Santa Monica Farmers’ Market and brings the latest news from farmers and chefs.

This week, Market Manager Laura Avery discusses persimmons with Alex Ageneau, the executive chef at aestus, and Laurence Hauben of Penryn Orchard Specialties .