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Holiday Recipes: Mulled Wine Two Ways

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mulled wine

Mulled wine for lovers of red and white wine.

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Become a Wine Expert with this Scratch and Sniff Book

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Betts Wine Map

Tired of pretending to appreciate an expensive wine because you feel like you have to? Richard Betts’s new book might be for you.

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Cabs From Coombsville

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Tournesol wines from the Coombsville appellation.

“There are about forty winemakers and growers in Coombsville and most wineries are small and family-owned,” said Allison Arns of Tournesol, a winery that produces 1,200 cases annually.

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Recipe: Duck Sausage with Candied Kumquats– and the Wine that Goes With it

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Screen Shot 2013-11-06 at 12.16.31 PM

Suzanne Goin and Caroline Styne opened their second restaurant, A.O.C. in 2002. Now, just over ten years later, we are treated to the beautiful new A.O.C. cookbook that highlights the restaurant’s signature dishes and wine pairings.

This simple recipe for Duck Sausage with Candied Kumquats from their book has few spices and ingredients so that “the gamy, rich flavor of the duck itself is really the star.”

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The Legendary Sassicaia, and Other Iconic Italian Wines

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A selection of cheeses paired with Italian wines at Sofitel Hotel's Esterel restaurant.

Exploring Italian wines is like getting lost in a maze.

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Paella Two Ways – Basque Style Dishes to Pair with Stacie’s Selects Wines

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Twice a year, during KCRW’s membership drive, Good-Food’s go-to wine guru Stacie Hunt carefully selects a special thank you gift for members who pledge their support. This year she chose two Basque style wines. Members who pledge $10/month or more during the pledge drive can choose this as their thank you gift during the drive. (Click here to learn more about the wines.)
Below, Stacie …

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Stacie’s Selects Fall 2013 Wine Club Premium Package

Picture 3

Stacie Hunt returns with another fabulous Stacie Select’s Wine Package for KCRW’s Fall 2013 Membership Drive. Join KCRW as a member at the $10/month level and you can choose Stacie’s Selects Wine Package as a thank you gift. This time, Stacie chose two wines that celebrate the Basque influence in wine making.

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Cabernet and Acoustic Guitar

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Grenache grapes awaiting harvest

It’s not often that I find myself tasting wine and listening to acoustic guitar music – both creations of the same person.

But that’s the experience we had at Domaine Degher/Mojo Cellars, enjoying Dennis Degher’s luscious red wines at the tasting bar in his kitchen. Degher’s vineyards and the miniscule winery (annual production a mere 400 cases) are located in San Miguel on the west side of the 101 Freeway, a few miles north of Paso Robles.

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Think Pink: Why Rosé is the Perfect Wine (And Three Bottles You Should Try This Summer)

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Screen shot 2013-07-17 at 12.18.01 PM

I have come to the conclusion that rosé is the perfect wine.
It pairs with anything and everything, even asparagus and artichokes; so if you’re en route to a dinner party and don’t know what’s on the menu rosé is the no fail choice. Also, it’s affordable with really good bottles ranging from $10 to $20. Or, you can feel like a baller and splurge …

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A Master Sommelier Offers Some Key Advice for Wine Tasting

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When you stick your nose into a glass of wine, what do you smell? Grapes? Alcohol? You’re not alone.
Wine tasting can be intimidating, but Master Sommelier Brian McClintic says anyone can do it, it’s just a matter of learning the language. McClintic is one of the sommeliers profiled in the documentary film SOMM which follows four friends on their quest to pass the Master Sommelier …