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Recipe: Herring Butter Toasts

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Try this recipe for Herring Butter Toasts.

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Recipe: Boquerones Toasts

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Try this recipe from Renee Erickson’s new book.

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Recipes: Good Food Passover

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Matzo Lasagna for Passover

Over the years I’ve written a number of recipes for Passover that have found their way onto various sites.  Here’s the complete list along with Passover recipes from friends that we’ve posted on this blog in the past.
Angeli Sephardi Haroset
Pesce in Carpione (Gefülte Fish substitute)
Italian Chopped Liver + More
Vegan Matzo Balls
Matzo Brei (Two Ways)
Evan’s (used to be Bittman’s) Pot Roast 
Angeli Matzo Lasagna
Spring Vegetable Saute
Artichokes …

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Recipe: Shrimp and Crab Spaghetti

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This recipe for Shrimp and Crab Spaghetti marries Gulf seafood with a “decadent tangle of spaghetti” to create a deliciously buttery flavor.

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Recipe: Salt Block Cured Gravlax

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Screen Shot 2013-11-13 at 11.56.55 AM

This week on Good Food, Evan talks to “selmelier” Mark Bitterman about Salt Block Cooking, his latest book that includes 70 recipes dedicated to cooking on Himalayan salt blocks. The book includes a “Salt Block User Manual,” recipes for cocktails and even a recipe that transforms a juicy slab of watermelon into a delectable slice of something that tastes more like prosciutto than fruit.
This …

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Market Recipe: Autumn Fish Stew

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Autumn Fish Stew  - Amelia Saltsman

This week on the Market Report, Amelia Saltsman tells Laura Avery how to make an Autumn Fish Stew with butternut squash, kale, and two kinds of tomatoes. Here’s the recipe.

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Recipe: Roast Chicken with Garlic, Lemon, and Herbs

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photo: conskeptical on Flickr

Every Thursday on the Good Food Blog we share a recipe from our archives.

Joyce Goldstein spoke about cooking for one. She is a cookbook author of “Saffron Shores: Jewish Cooking of the Southern Mediterranean” and “Small Suppers”. She first shared this recipe this recipe for Roast Chicken with Garlic, Lemon, and Herbs on September 21, 2002.

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Recipe: Broiled Teriyaki Catfish with Wasabi Cucumber Salad

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Every Thursday on the Good Food Blog we share a recipe from our archives.

Adrian Miller of the Southern Food Alliance describes the relationship between African Americans and the history of the cat fish. John T. Edge, director of the Southern Foodways Alliance, tells us a bit about the catfish from his Southern food lover’s point of view.

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Recipe: Out of the Fire Oyster Pot Pies

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Oyster Pot Pies

This recipe comes to us from author Morgan Murphy, who journeyed around the South trying mom-and-pop eateries in his book Off The Eaten Path: Second Helpings.

His Oyster Pot Pies come from Out of the Fire, a restaurant in Maryland.

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Recipe: Ceviche Tostadas with Avocado and Jalapeño Salsa

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A tostada at La Guerrerense's stand in Ensenada.

I love tortillas, raw fish and chiles so there are few dishes that hit that sweet spot better than a tart Baja ceviche served atop a crisp tortilla and finished with a drizzle of mouth searing salsa and smooth, rich avocado slices. This recipe was inspired by the incredible ceviche tostadas and bright jalapeno salsa I experienced last week in Ensenada.