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Recipe: Whiskey Walnuts (For Your Next Ice Cream Sundae)

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Whiskey Walnuts

Unlike most ice cream “cookbooks,” Big Gay Ice Cream: Saucy Stories and Frozen Treats: Going All the Way with Ice Cream, starts with the toppings, like this one for Whiskey Walnuts. Toss a handful of these over your favorite vanilla ice cream and you’ve got a semi-homemade grown up sundae.

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Cocktail Historian David Wondrich Talks Shop This Week on Good Food

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David Wondrich recently updated his James Beard Award winning cocktail bible, IMBIBE! He joins Evan this week to discuss getting your drink on.

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Recipe: Salad of Chicken, Cherries, and Watercress with Creamy Tarragon Dressing

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Southern California farmers’ markets are overflowing with cherries this spring. If you can resist the temptation to eat them straight from the bag, this seasonal salad from Diana Henry’s book, A Bird in the Hand, is a fun way to bring cherries into a savory dish.

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Cocktail Recipe: Sangrita Verde

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Photo: Dylan + Jeni

At B.S. Taqueria in Downtown LA, beverage director Michael Lay serves a green riff on sangrita blending juices like celery, tomatillo, cucumber and jicama with citrus and a hit of spice.

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Cocktail Recipe: B.S. Taqueria’s Hoja Santa Margarita

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Photo: Dylan + Jeni

The Hoja Santa at B.S. Taqueria in Downtown LA is a riff on a margarita, but the addition of the Mexican herb hoja santa and cucumber make this cocktail extra refreshing (and perfect for washing down one of chef Ray Garcia’s clam and lardo tacos.)

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Recipe: Olive Oil Drenched Ceviche

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_Ceviche_Penny De Los Santos

This recipe comes to us from Nancy Harmon Jenkins. Her latest cookbook is Virgin Territory: Exploring the World of Olive Oil.

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Cocktail Recipe: Dave Arnold’s Lazyman Gin & Tonic

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4.3.1E copy

Dave Arnold, author of Liquid Intelligence: The Art and Science of the Perfect Cocktail shares his tips for perfecting the Gin & Tonic at home.

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Recipe: Dungeness Crab Breakfast Galette

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Photo credit: Khuong Phan

Roxana Jullapat’s Breakfast Galette could be called the little-black-dress of breakfast pastries. At Elysian where she hosts a Sunday pop up brunch, she fills the galette with spring herbs, dungeness crab and Meyer lemon before popping an egg on top. But she says the filling is versatile.

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Recipe: Passover Cheesecake

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The Vilna Vegetarian cookbook is the work of Fania Lewando, a restaurateur from Vilna, Lithuania who’s vegetarian riffs on Jewish food attracted the creative class of Vilna to her restaurant. The 400 vegetarian recipes in the book include Passover recipes like this one for cheesecake.

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Passover Recipe: Horseradish and Apple Salad

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Originally published in Yiddish, The Vilna Vegetarian Cookbook was discovered in a rare books collection at the YIVO Institute for Jewish Research in New York City. Wendy Waxman and Barbara Mazur were so inspired by the book that they worked with YIVO to have it translated and republished.

This recipe for Apple & Horseradish salad is perfect for Passover