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What’s a Vegan to Eat on Passover?

A vegan seder plate
Photo: mollyjade on Flickr

Say the words “vegan Passover” and seder menu options shrink considerably.

But Rabbi Shmuly Yanklowitz says that people celebrating a vegan Passover – and their hosts at the seder table – should not fear.

“If one prepares properly for Passover and thinks creatively, then everything is possible,” he says.

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A Passover Meal to Agree On


An old maxim says that if you survey two Jews, you’ll get three opinions. And American Judaism has produced a diverse, and sometimes contradicting, range of teachings. But there is one small, blue booklet nearly everyone seems to read – the Maxwell House Haggadah.

Introduced in 1923 by an advertiser hoping to sell coffee to the Jewish community, over 50 million copies have circulated.

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Where Jonathan Gold Thinks You Should Eat this Weekend in Los Angeles: Orsa & Winston

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Jonathan Gold reviews Orsa and Winston, Chef Josef Centeno’s new restaurant in downtown.

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Cocktail Recipe: Matt Biancaniello’s Limeless Margarita

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News of the lime shortage doesn’t have to be a buzz kill. Make L.A. cocktail wizard’s Matt Biancaniello’s limeless margarita recipe instead!