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Recipe: Marcus Samuelsson’s Bobotie Pie

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Bobotie Pie

Try this recipe for a savory pie from South Africa.

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World Pie Recipe: Mexican Chocolate Pie

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Learn about art history, try a pie recipe.

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Guidelines for the 6th Annual Good Food Pie Contest

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Pies for Beer

Every year we get asked repeatedly what constitutes a pie for KCRW’s Good Food Pie Contest. So what are the rules?

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World Pie Recipe from the Fowler Museum: Buko Pandan Pie

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Try this pie recipe, inspired by objects found at the Fowler Museum.

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Recipe: Plum Pie

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photo 2 (10)

Try this plum pie from Robert Wemischner that features a flaky almond crust.

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Piecast: What Does David Sedaris Want in a Dessert?

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Sept piecast photo

Chef Edward Lee puts blackened pineapple salsa on his chess pie. Author David Sedaris is ok with canned filling. Store-bought would never fly with Sherry Gore, who judges an Amish pie contest every year. And if baking just takes too long sometimes, food writer Ghillie James explains how freezing dough and even entire desserts can help you save time in the kitchen.

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The Best Photos from the Fifth Annual Good Food Pie Contest

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Once again, congratulations to all the contestants on another wonderful event. Below are scenes from the day’s festivities from pie drop off to the announcement of Best in Show. All photos courtesy of Caught in the Moment Photography.

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Congratulations to All of the Winners at the Fifth Annual Good Food Pie Contest!

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sharon graves winning pie

The results are in! Here is a list of the first, second and third place winners at the 5th Annual Good Food Pie Contest. Baker Sharon Graves received a hat trick for Best Fruit Pie, Best Crust and Best in Show.

Her perfectly prepared apple pie proved that sometimes classic is best.

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Record Breaking 347 Pies Entered in the 5th Annual Good Food Pie Contest at LACMA

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Our fabulous panel of judges tasted over 200 pies.

Pie contest judges get your spandex out – this year we received a record breaking 347 entries from 263 contestants for the 5th Annual Good Food Pie Contest. Registration is now closed for the event, but come on out and cheer on the bakers and taste their pies this Saturday, September 7th at LACMA. Good Food’s own Evan Kleiman will preside over the afternoon pie …

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Recipe: Blue Ribbon Deep-Dish Apple Pie

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This Labor Day, enjoy a classic Blue Ribbon Deep-Dish Apple Pie from Amy Traverso’s Apple Lover’s Cookbook.

Traverso recommends precooking the apples to lock in a beautiful shape before you bake.