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Recipe: Plum-Licorice Hand Pies

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These Plum-Licorice Hand Pies come from Good Girl Dinette’s Diep Tran.

Tran says the recipe is inspired by Vietnamese preserving traditions, which favor candying over jams and jellies.

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Recipe: Brown Sugar Mango Hand Pies

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Enjoy these Brown Sugar Mango Hand Pies with dinner tonight?

They come from Proof Bakery in Atwater Village.

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Recipe: Apricot Hand Pies

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Apricot Hand Pies

Looking for a way to use up those last summer apricots? Try Michael Chiarello’s Apricot Hand Pies, from his book Live Fire.

Live Fire explores cooking with a variety of hard-core outdoor grills. Chiarello makes these pies in a hot box (known otherwise as a box roaster or a Caja China). Originally used to prepare whole, charred pigs, it’s a large box made of wood and metal. You put the pig (or pie) inside, close the box, and burn charcoal over the lid.

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Pie-a-Day (ish) #56 – Nutella Pop Tarts

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Part of the fun of doing the World’s Pickiest Eater event a couple of weeks ago was that I had carte blanche to buy Nutella in quantity.  I may have gone a little nuts.  So now I have many many many many jars of the stuff.  I’m not a chocolate person.  Perhaps because I no longer need it medicinally (women read between the lines) …

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Pie-a-Day #14 Fried Peach Pies

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Fried Peach

Since I’m at Angeli all day today I figured I would take advantage of the fryer and make Fried Peach Pies (served with Tahitian Vanilla Ice Cream).  How bad can they be?  Sooo not bad. The best ever.
I made a crust with the dreaded Crisco since butter would burn at high temperature, but since you are actually dipping the crust into fat you can …