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Recipe: Plum Pie

Posted August 8, 2014 by | 1 Comment | ]
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Try this plum pie from Robert Wemischner that features a flaky almond crust.

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Recipe: Cherry Tomato Cobbler as Demo’d at The TasteLA

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As promised,  here is the recipe for the savory fruit pie I demonstrated at The LA Times The TasteLA food extravaganza on Sunday.  I say fruit because, after all the tomato is a fruit which is one reason why this particular pie is so easy to throw together.  The tomatoes act like berries, bursting apart once the heat of the oven penetrates the pie. …

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Recipe: Blue Ribbon Deep-Dish Apple Pie

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This Labor Day, enjoy a classic Blue Ribbon Deep-Dish Apple Pie from Amy Traverso’s Apple Lover’s Cookbook.

Traverso recommends precooking the apples to lock in a beautiful shape before you bake.

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Recipe: Cooks County’s Grapple Pie

Posted August 31, 2013 by | 1 Comment | ]
grapple pie

On this week’s Market Report, Cooks County’s Roxana Jullapat tells Laura Avery about cooking Spitzenberg apples with Tomcord grapes to make a Grapple Pie.

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Recipe: Plum-Licorice Hand Pies

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These Plum-Licorice Hand Pies come from Good Girl Dinette’s Diep Tran.

Tran says the recipe is inspired by Vietnamese preserving traditions, which favor candying over jams and jellies.

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Recipe: Brown Sugar Mango Hand Pies

Posted August 22, 2013 by | 1 Comment | ]

Enjoy these Brown Sugar Mango Hand Pies with dinner tonight?

They come from Proof Bakery in Atwater Village.

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Recipe: Nectarine Ginger Pie

Posted August 21, 2013 by | Comments Off | ]

We love Hourie Sahakian’s desserts at Short Cake.

So we think you’ll love this Nectarine Ginger Pie. The crumble on top uses nutmeg and three different kinds of ginger.

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Recipe: Apple Pie

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apple pie -edited

Today’s pie comes with a story.

All recipes have histories, but we found Lisa McNamara’s Apple Pie alongside her essay in the beautiful collection The Cassoulet Saved Our Marriage: True Tales of Marriage, Family, and How We Learn to Eat.

McNamara describes learning how boys’ hearts can be won with baked goods, but that a well-cooked meal does not always mean a successful relationship.

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Recipe: Gluten-Free Blueberry and Blackberry Pie

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This Blueberry & Blackberry Pie comes from Lena Kwak, who created The French Laundry’s gluten-free Cup4Cup flour.

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Recipe: Sweet Cherry Pie

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Today’s Sweet Cherry Pie comes from Noelle Carter of the Los Angeles Times Test Kitchen. Make it with the last of the fresh cherries at the market; later in the year you can use canned.

On Sunday, September 1, Carter will be co-hosting the newspaper’s THE TASTE Labor Day Block Party with Nancy Silverton. Evan will be doing a demo.