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Photos and Audio: Good Food’s Central Texas BBQ Crawl

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Screen Shot 2015-03-15 at 2.08.07 PM

We left Austin at 8am and spent 10 hours on the road driving to Lexington, Lockhart and Luling. Pulitzer Prize winning food critic Jonathan Gold was our guide.

Here are our photos from Snow’s BBQ, Smitty’s Market and City Market.

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Celine Clanet Photographs the Reindeer Herders of Northern Norway

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French photographer, Celine Clanet, originally traveled to northern Norway as a tourist and has returned in subsequent years to document the area and its people. The Sami people in this photo series spend the winter herding reindeer.

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Gardening with Shiva Rose in the Palisades

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In the Santa Monica Mountains with kale, pineapple guava, and a chicken named Frida.

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The New Wave of All-You-Can-Eat Buffets in Las Vegas

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Dessert Station

Las Vegas buffets, much like the city itself, are polarizing. You either love them. Or you hate them, but a new wave of buffets are sprouting up in Las Vegas, determined to overturn the stigma of soggy bacon and and rubbery pancakes

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Where LA’s Top Sushi Chefs Source the Freshest Fish

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If you want a taste of real wasabi, you will have to pay for it. The fresh rhizome sells for $95/pound at International Marine in Downtown LA, a fish and produce market in Downtown LA where we met Chef Hiro Naruke at 6am this morning. By weight, the pale green rhizome is more expensive than tuna, he explained. In Tokyo, the roots are sorted …

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In Search of Roti – A Trip to New York’s Little Guyana

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roti 2

If they offer it at all, most Indian restaurants have banished the thick, doughy flatbread called roti to the nether pages of their menus, in favor of its lighter, more popular cousin, naan. But in Trinidad and Guyana, roti reigns. It’s more than just a starch to soak up your curry – it’s a point of national pride. South Asians brought roti with them to the West Indies when they arrived as indentured servants in the mid 1800s. Since then, the bread has made another migration – from Port-of-Spain and Georgetown, up to West Indian kitchens and restaurants of Queens, New York.

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Dairy, Dictatorship, and a Dual Economy: Ordering Ice Cream in Cuba

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I visited Havana in September with my Cuban-American boyfriend to meet some of his family who had remained in the country. While I was there, I eagerly sought out some of the culinary highlights of the city.

Coppelia, named after the Italian ballet, is one of Havana’s oldest and most famous eateries. It’s a state-run ice cream parlor, that as the story goes- was born out of Fidel Castro’s love of dairy.

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The Best Photos from the Fifth Annual Good Food Pie Contest

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Once again, congratulations to all the contestants on another wonderful event. Below are scenes from the day’s festivities from pie drop off to the announcement of Best in Show. All photos courtesy of Caught in the Moment Photography.

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Edible Garden Profile: P.J. Byrne’s Silver Lake Urban Retreat

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We get a lesson from Horrible Bosses’ P.J. Byrne on growing tomatoes and learn why urban gardening is all “Gravy.”

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Fields of Gold: Nate Peitso and Andrea Crawford are Bringing Local Wheat to a Farmers Market Near You

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The big news for Southern California bakers and market goers is that Andrea Crawford (Kenter Canyon Farms) and her son Nate Peitso (Maggie’s Farm) are going into the grain business. According to Peitso, his mother recently got into baking “in a big way” and was disappointed in the commercial wheat available. On their first attempt at growing wheat, the two planted 50 acres – including heirloom …