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Venice, Italy – A Banquet Awaits

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Where can I eat well in Venice, Italy?  I get that question a lot, along with some whining about how the questioning travelers just know that Venice isn’t a great food town.  Oh really? I have to tell you that I couldn’t disagree more.  Last year my great pal Elizabeth Minchilli mentioned that she was planning a Venice eating trip in service of her …

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Il Cappero Pantesco – Capers of Pantelleria

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I love capers.  That discrete burst of floral saltiness insures that Spaghetti Puttanesca and everything Piccata is in heavy rotation in my house, not to forget about Arroz con Pollo and Caponata.  And though I’ve seen caper plants hanging off of Italian stone walls for decades I’ve never had an in-depth education on them…until now.
A couple of weeks ago I had a chance to …

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Pantelleria – Old Ways, New Horizons

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I was recently given the opportunity to explore the island of Pantelleria and it’s cuisine.  Since 1994 I’ve been on several trips organized by Oldways, the Boston non-profit that investigates naturally healthy traditional diets.  Oldways is responsible for the original research on the Mediterranean Diet.  Their trips combine the food junkie’s dream of entering into an unknown culinary culture and having everything laid out …

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Friselle – The Homey Charm of the Dry Rusk

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It started with a phone call from a girlfriend who lived in Italy for years.  “Where can I find friselle?  No one knows what they are here.”  The word causes a cascade of memories. Friselle, is the simplest of foods.  A ring of bread is split horizontally when cool then put back in a low temperature oven and baked until dry and crisp.  They’re sold …

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EAT ROME – New Culinary Travel App!

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I’m very lucky.  My best buddy Elizabeth Minchilli, who lives in Rome is an expert on everything food related in the city.  Over the years I’ve joked by calling her “The Answer Lady”.  I rely on her every time I visit Rome to show me the latest farmers markets, new restaurants, retail food shops and remind me of old classics we haven’t tried in …

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Yes, unfortunately the desire for  scam artists to profit from the demand for Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) is alive and well. See the article below and this article on Spanish thieves who stole a million dollars worth of oil to sell in Italy.  Really unbelievable.  (On Good Food this week, hear my conversation with Dan Flynn of the UC Davis Olive Center about …

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Rome Farmers Market – Campo dei Fiori

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One of my favorite strolls in Rome is through the Campo dei Fiori Market.  It’s changed a lot over the years but is still a gem.  It used to be that every bit of space in the piazza was packed with Italian vendors selling fresh foods.  Produce was there of course, and meat,  and  fish vendors.  But over the past ten years there’s been …

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Street Food at Salone del Gusto

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From our friend currently in Turin at the Slowfood Salon of Taste, writer
Elizabeth Minchilli:
Even though I’ve been coming to the Salone  del Gusto since its first edition 16 years ago (with Evan), I haven’t been in the last six years. The Salone takes place every two years in Turin, and every  year that I went it seemed to be bigger and bigger, and that …