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How To Kill Fruit Flies

Posted June 11, 2012 by | 11 Comments | ]

This guest-post comes to us from Jennifer Ferro, KCRW’s General Manager. 
Summer means fragrant, juicy and ripe strawberries, apricots, peaches and nectarines.
It also means fruit flies.
Some years the fruit fly situation in my kitchen is so bad I need a beekeepers outfit just to get to the fridge. The only way to take back your kitchen is to kill the little suckers completely and totally. But how?
First, …

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Beekman Boys: An Unexpected Enchantment

Posted November 5, 2011 by | 1 Comment | ]

I get asked to moderate a lot of conversations in this town.  And I don’t know how to say no.  (Although, fair warning, I’m learning.)  So that’s how it turned out one Saturday that I realized in panic that I said yes under duress to interviewing The Beekman Boys.  Maybe you know them.  Brent and Josh, a couple from NYC who bought an old …