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Gardening with Shiva Rose in the Palisades

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In the Santa Monica Mountains with kale, pineapple guava, and a chicken named Frida.

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How to find an urban garden (and raise goats) in LA County

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Cultivate LA (Photo: Kelly Rytel)

This post comes to us from Caitlin Shamberg on KCRW’s Which Way, LA? blog. 
UCLA grad students in urban planning have built an impressive website with everything you need to know about urban agriculture in LA County — from raising sheep to harvesting kale. In addition to an infographic, loads of research, and some pretty pictures of produce, the Cultivate LA site features an interactive map, which shows all …

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Edible Garden Profile: n/naka Chef Niki Nakayama’s Kaiseki-Inspired Garden

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Chef Niki Nakyama is the chef and owner of n/naka, a West LA restaurant dedicated to the Japanese art of kaiseki. Blink, and you will miss the gray, concrete facade which sits quietly on a nondescript block of Overland Avenue in Palms, but once inside the experience is anything but forgettable.

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LA’s Food Deserts and the Vegetable Police

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Two years ago, LA Times columnist Steve Lopez reported on Ron Finley, a resident of South Los Angeles. In what’s often called a healthy-food “desert,” Finley had planted a vegetable garden for himself and his hungry neighbors. But the food was growing on the city-owned strip of land between the street and the sidewalk, and Finley was ordered to cease and desist. City Council …

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Edible Garden Profile: P.J. Byrne’s Silver Lake Urban Retreat

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We get a lesson from Horrible Bosses’ P.J. Byrne on growing tomatoes and learn why urban gardening is all “Gravy.”

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Eat Well + Do Good on Sunday: Taste of the Nation and Bakers Will Bake

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Summertime always brings us lots of opportunities to support great organizations by eating really well.  All we have to do is choose our event and buy a little something to eat. This Sunday there are two events I’d like to share.  If you have good time management skills you could even manage to do both of them.
You can start your morning at The Hollywood Farmers …

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Edible Garden Profile: Priscilla Woolworth’s San Fernando Valley Paradise

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The composter is named Valentina. The tar roof of the Spanish-style house is covered in solar panels and the sage bushes bring in the bees.

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Edible Garden Profile: Jane Seymour’s Malibu Hillside Garden

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Seymour grows flowers alongside her fruits and vegetables.

Today we’re introducing a new series on the Good Food Blog. Our Edible Garden Profiles will showcase the abundance and variety of edible gardens in Southern California. 
Jane Seymour is a multiple Emmy and Golden Globe winner. She is well known for her role in the 1973 James Bond film Live and Let Die and her portrayal of “Dr. Quinn” on Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman which ran for six seasons. When …

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Eating from Stem to Tip: What to Do with the Flowers and Herb Extras at the Farmers Market

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watercress flowers

We usually only eat a small fraction of what an herb plant produces. Smart farmers, gardeners, and shoppers know that flowers and greens can be delicious too. Here’s a guide to cooking with the edible extras available now at Southern California farmers markets.

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Tips for Sourcing Ethical Seeds for Your Edible Garden

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green house at green string

Just like farming vegetables, cultivating seeds is big business; but unlike vegetable farming, growing seeds requires more time and often, more chemical inputs. Gardening author and blogger Margaret Roach was farming for 30 years before she began wondering exactly where her seeds were coming from. She was shocked to learn that some of the seeds she had been planting in her organic garden were carrying a substantial pesticide load.