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Has the Food Movement Reached Kosher LA?

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Myrna Meyers, an Orthodox Jewish biology professor at USC, checking organic mint for non-kosher bugs

Kale and quinoa have spread far and wide, but food trends don’t move at the same pace for everyone. The kosher community faces unique challenges in adopting more sustainable and artisanal ways of eating.

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What’s the Deal with the Farm Bill?

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What goes into a farm bill, and why hasn’t one been passed since 2012?

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Books on Food: 12 Reads for the Long Run

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books for the long run

These books are an eclectic group from gifted authors whose recipes, tips, instruction and/or explanation of techniques will edify the way you look at ingredients and how you transform them into meals. Look at these authors like the mentors they are and embrace what they have to say. This was the hardest category to narrow down. I get literally hundreds of books a year …

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Is a Goop Called Soylent the Future of Food?

Posted November 19, 2013 by | 1 Comment | ]

We all complain we don’t have time to cook.

But is eating itself too time-consuming? Would you be willing to give up solid food to make your life easier, and maybe even save the planet?

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How did Water come to LA? Commemorating the Aqueduct’s Centennial

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In commemoration of the L.A. Aqueduct’s Centennial, KCRW’s Madeline Brand and Saul Gonzalez hosted a one hour audio documentary dedicated to a thing near and dear to us all: water– or specifically the story behind L.A.’s water.

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Burgers, Fries and Better Pay

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Think fast food and the sights and sounds that probably come to mind are orders being taken, food prepared and meals served.

But in recent months, the usual soundtrack of the American fast food industry has been at least partially replaced by another sound-the roars of protest.

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How to find an urban garden (and raise goats) in LA County

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Cultivate LA (Photo: Kelly Rytel)

This post comes to us from Caitlin Shamberg on KCRW’s Which Way, LA? blog. 
UCLA grad students in urban planning have built an impressive website with everything you need to know about urban agriculture in LA County — from raising sheep to harvesting kale. In addition to an infographic, loads of research, and some pretty pictures of produce, the Cultivate LA site features an interactive map, which shows all …

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Frederick Kaufman Explains How Commodity Markets Contribute to World Hunger

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When we think of the banking industry and words like “derivatives” or “futures,” food is not the first thing that pops into mind, but maybe it should be. In his book Bet the Farm: How Food Stopped Being Food, Frederick Kaufman explores the commodification of the world’s food system. Hear an uncut interview with Evan Kleiman below and keep reading for information on his …

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What grows in a food desert?: South LA launches farmer’s market to fill a grocery store void

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Children in South LA taste fresh fruit at the farmer’s market. (Photo by Shako Liu)

A liquor store parking lot in South LA isn’t a typical setting for a farmer’s market in this city. But that’s where a new Friday afternoon produce stand set up shop last week.

The mini-market, spearheaded by the nonprofit groups Community Coalition and Community Unlimited, will be open Fridays from 3 until 6 p.m. at Century Market, on the corner of Western Avenue and 39th Street.

It was created in response to the closure of a Ralphs grocery store at Martin Luther King Boulevard and Western Avenue a few weeks ago. For some in the surrounding King Estates neighborhood, that Ralphs was the only market in walking distance.

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What’s the Legal Definition of a Hot Dog?

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Photo: rob_rob2001/ Flickr/ Creative Commons

This post, written by KCRW producer Darrell Satzman, originally appeared on the Which Way, LA? blog.
When it comes to hot dogs, many subscribe to the theory that the less one knows the better the meal.
But the California Legislature is going under the skin, as it were, to define what makes a dog a dog. So why in the name of Pinks is the Legislature concerning itself …