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Where to Find the Best Barbacoa in Los Angeles

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Good Food taco correspondent Bill Esparza describes the tradition of pit-roasted barbecue in Mexico. Most often it’s made with lamb, but you can find regional variations including everything from goat to chicken barbacoa in Los Angeles.

In fact, Bill says there are more diverse barbacoa offerings in Los Angeles than there are in Mexico City. He shares some of his favorite spots with us.

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Recipe: Passover Cheesecake

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The Vilna Vegetarian cookbook is the work of Fania Lewando, a restaurateur from Vilna, Lithuania who’s vegetarian riffs on Jewish food attracted the creative class of Vilna to her restaurant. The 400 vegetarian recipes in the book include Passover recipes like this one for cheesecake.

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Passover Recipe: Horseradish and Apple Salad

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Originally published in Yiddish, The Vilna Vegetarian Cookbook was discovered in a rare books collection at the YIVO Institute for Jewish Research in New York City. Wendy Waxman and Barbara Mazur were so inspired by the book that they worked with YIVO to have it translated and republished.

This recipe for Apple & Horseradish salad is perfect for Passover

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Photos and Audio: Good Food’s Central Texas BBQ Crawl

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Screen Shot 2015-03-15 at 2.08.07 PM

We left Austin at 8am and spent 10 hours on the road driving to Lexington, Lockhart and Luling. Pulitzer Prize winning food critic Jonathan Gold was our guide.

Here are our photos from Snow’s BBQ, Smitty’s Market and City Market.

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Photos: Eating in and around Austin (Day 1)

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The average wait time at Franklin Barbecue is three hours, but the Good Food crew says it’s worth the wait. In fact, the line is so long that a spawned its own lawn chair economy. But it still has to be the first stop!
If you’re in Austin, come hang with us. Here’s what we’re up to.

Veracruz All Natural:
Dai Due:

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Good Food Goes to Austin for SXSW!

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We are excited to be in Austin during SXSW for a live podcast event and a panel during the second annual SouthBites conference.

All weekend we will be talking to local chefs, including BBQ master Aaron Franklin and Top Chef champion Paul Qui. Plus, we have a BBQ roadtrip planned to Snow’s BBQ in Lexington, where female pitmaster Tootsie Tomanetz has over 50 years of BBQ experience under her belt.

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Recipe: Negroni Pie

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Allison Kave's Negroni Pie.

It’s no secret that we love pie here at Good Food, and when we learned about Allison Kave’s boozey pies at her Brooklyn based shop Butter & Scotch we had to know more.

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Recipe: Little Jewel of New Orleans’ Red Beans and Rice

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Red Beans and Rice

Finding Creole dishes in Los Angeles has been a task until a few months ago when Marcus Christina-Beniger opened his market and deli, Little Jewel of New Orleans, in Chinatown.

The restaurant’s smoker housed ducks for years when it operated as a Chinese restaurant. Today Marcus is smoking Tasso ham, andouille and boudin.

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A Handy Chart that Compares Shower Minutes to the Water it Takes to Grow Our Favorite Foods

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Screen Shot 2015-02-27 at 1.19.23 PM

Forty percent of food in the U.S. goes uneaten. Considering that 80% of the fresh water we have is used to grow food, that means we are throwing away a tremendous amount of water.

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Recipe: Crispy Sesame Waffled Kale

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Crispy Sesame Kale

Have you ever thought, if only I could make kale chips right now…but all I have is a bunch of kale, and this waffle iron?!

You’re in luck!