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Gretchen Shoemaker Dishes up Soul Food and Hugs at Georgia’s Restaurant

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Georgia's - Gretchen action

At age 74, Gretchen Shoemaker decided to fulfill her lifelong dream of getting into the restaurant biz and opened Georgia’s in Anaheim.

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Recipe: Otium’s Smoked Ruby Red Grapefruit with Cured Amberjack, Chicharrones & Yuzu Crème Fraîche

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Otium - Grapefruit Amberjack ROTATE

Otium chef and owner Tim Hollingsworth combines a fine dining sensibility with an appreciation for seasonal, sustainable ingredients and a deep love for rustic wood fire cooking in this winter citrus-inspired dish.

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Weekly Market Digest: Grapefruit

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AJ Bernard organizes his baskets of fruit by sweetness

Santa Monica Farmers Market manager Laura Avery speaks to AJ Bernard of Bernard Ranches about his grapefruits.

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Recipe: Diep Tran’s Lunar New Year Rice Cakes (Bánh Chưng)

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Banh Chung - Packages

At Good Girl Dinette in Highland Park, Chef Diep Tran celebrates the Vietnamese lunar new year with tasty, banana leaf-wrapped packages of glutinous rice that come with a savory filling.

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EATING OUT LOUD with Lucky Peach

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EatOutLoud - Logo

Hosted by Lucky Peach editors Peter Meehan and Chris Ying, “Eating Out Loud” featured readings and performances about food from David Chang, Jonathan Gold, Kim Gordon, Amelia Gray, Roy Choi and Eric Wareheim. Listen to a full recording of the event here.

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Jonathan Gold does dizi at Nersses Vanak

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Nersses Vanak - Dizi

This week, Gold reviews Nersses Vanak, an Iranian-Armenian restaurant specializing in dizi, also known as abgoosht.

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Laissez les Bon Temps Rouler with King Cake at Little Dom’s

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Brandon Boudet - King Cake 590

In celebration of Mardi Gras season, New Orleans-born chef Brandon Boudet of Little Dom’s shares this king cake recipe.

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Weekly Market Digest: Winter Citrus

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Now is the time of year to shop for citrus at the Wednesday Santa Monica Farmers Market. No matter where you cast your eye, you’ll see tables piled with grapefruits, pomelos, blood oranges and kumquats.

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Recipe: Susan Volland’s Chinese Crackling Scallion & Garlic Sauce

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MasteringSauces - Salmon Chinese Scallion Sauce 590

From sauce expert Susan Volland’s new book, “Mastering Sauces,” this quick and easy Chinese Crackling Chili Sauce is a great way to perk up any number of dishes from fish to grilled steaks, roasted potatoes or greens.

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Recipe: Susan Volland’s Sweet Potatoes and Korean Chile Paste Sauce

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Susan Volland - Asian Chili Sauce Components 590

In her cookbook, “Mastering Sauces: The Home Cook’s Guide to New Techniques for Fresh Flavors,” author Susan Volland offers up more than 150 recipes for beginning and experienced sauciers alike. Volland says any sauce can be customized to suit your taste through following three fundamental principles: “maximize flavor, manipulate texture and season confidently.”
The key to creating fresh, homemade sauces without added thickeners is to use mock stocks or infusions …