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Register for the New School of Cooking’s Pie Demo with David LeFevre and Evan Kleiman

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Cherry Pie

Not sure you’ve got what it takes to take home a ribbon at this year’s KCRW Good Food Pie Contest? We’ve got you covered.

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Pie Fidelity Screening at the Silent Movie Theatre on Tuesday, September 23

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Watch a documentary, buy a raffle ticket, share some pie, learn what it takes to win…

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Foodchella 2014 Features a Lineup of L.A. Chefs and Upscale Dining

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The Coachella lineup that  festivalgoers eagerly anticipate each year is not usually the list of food vendors who make it out to Indio’s polo field. But this year the festival has revved up their food offerings by recruiting prominent L.A. chefs and by bringing in Outstanding in the Field.
Jeff Miller of Thrillist who has been to Coachella almost every year of the festival’s existence …

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Recipe: Pickled Turnip Stems

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pick a pickle

There’s nothing quite like a recipe that uses something people often discard and turns it into something delicious. This recipe adds a great burst of flavor to the ordinary turnip stem and makes it a great addition to a pulled pork sandwich or a summer soup.

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Jamie Oliver Cooking Classes Coming to L.A.

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Want to know how to make perfect pancakes or an easy spaghetti and meatballs? Sign up for one of Jamie Oliver’s classes taking place this month.

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Event: David Tanis Comes to Town

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Screen Shot 2014-03-28 at 10.07.23 AM

David Tanis, former Chez Panisse Chef, current City Kitchen Columnist for the NY Times and noted cookbook author, is coming to town and many doors are being flung open to welcome him.

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Workshop: Japanese Umami Foods Expert

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Maybe you’ve made Dashi using instant dashi powder. Too easy? Then maybe you’ve learned how to make it with packaged bonito flakes. But have you ever seen or held true artisanal Katsuobushi that’s as hard as a piece of wood?
A master of Japanese fermented foods is coming to town. Mamiko Niashiyama is the proprietor of Yagicho Honten, a 300-year-old family owned traditional Japanese grocery shop in …

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Kale Chips and Power Smoothies on Wolfgang Puck’s 20th Oscar Menu (2014 Oscar Menu Included)

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salmon shaped oscars

What are your favorite celebrities going to eat at this year’s Governor’s Ball? Chef Wolfgang Puck tells us what he’s cooking and reflects on 20 years of catering the event.

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Event: Sustainable Seafood Extravaganza

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Sustainable Seafood Panel in Los Angeles

What:  The Fish in Your Dish.  Is it Sustainable?      When:  Thursday, February 27 6pm-9pm
Where:   Loyola Marymount University    Cost: $10 per person