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Cocktail Historian David Wondrich Talks Shop This Week on Good Food

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David Wondrich recently updated his James Beard Award winning cocktail bible, IMBIBE! He joins Evan this week to discuss getting your drink on.

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Cocktail Recipe: B.S. Taqueria’s Hoja Santa Margarita

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Photo: Dylan + Jeni

The Hoja Santa at B.S. Taqueria in Downtown LA is a riff on a margarita, but the addition of the Mexican herb hoja santa and cucumber make this cocktail extra refreshing (and perfect for washing down one of chef Ray Garcia’s clam and lardo tacos.)

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Cocktail Recipe: Dave Arnold’s Lazyman Gin & Tonic

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4.3.1E copy

Dave Arnold, author of Liquid Intelligence: The Art and Science of the Perfect Cocktail shares his tips for perfecting the Gin & Tonic at home.

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Cocktail Recipe: Learn How to Make a Beer Flip

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In his book Cocktails on Tap: The Art of Mixing Spirits and Beer, barman Jacob Grier goes beyond the Michelada and the Boilermaker to give us over 50 recipes for beer cocktails. He reinvents forgotten classics and introduces us to his new favorites.

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The Secret to Eggnog? Make it Now and Save it for Next Year

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Put down the carton, real eggnog is made from scratch. For the best results, some say to age your eggnog for at least three weeks or up to a year before drinking.

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Foodchella 2014 Features a Lineup of L.A. Chefs and Upscale Dining

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The Coachella lineup that  festivalgoers eagerly anticipate each year is not usually the list of food vendors who make it out to Indio’s polo field. But this year the festival has revved up their food offerings by recruiting prominent L.A. chefs and by bringing in Outstanding in the Field.
Jeff Miller of Thrillist who has been to Coachella almost every year of the festival’s existence …

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Tiki Cocktail Recipes: Three Dots & a Dash, Zombie Punch and Mai Tai

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Look no further for your inspiration to throw a tiki party.

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Beer Cocktail Recipe: The Pinkerton

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This week on Good Food, Evan deconstructs The Pinkerton – the creation of Christiaan Rollich, who manages the bar programs of Suzanne Goin and Carolyn Styne’s Lucques, A.O.C. and Tavern.

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10 L.A. Food Trends and Ridiculous Food Moments of 2013

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From cronut-knockoffs, to no-show reservation Twitter shaming, it’s been quite a year for L.A.’s eaters.

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The Best Culinary Reads of 2013

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books for reading

Some food books aren’t cookbooks.  They can be reference works or omnibus volumes or inspirational books that straddle the line between cookbook, history and personal voyage. There were so many great ones this year, which is terrific for we readers, so I apologize if I’ve left out your favorite. My absolute favorite culinary read of the year were Bill Buford’s essays found in the giant …