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Savory Rice Porridge with Nettles

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Savory Rice Porridge with Nettles made with Koda Farms rice

Koda Farms’ rice is the star ingredient in this dish from Amelia Saltsman.

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Chef and Fed Up: Two Very Different Movies on Food

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This week I had the somewhat bizaare experience of seeing two wonderful films that are the flipside of each other.  If you participate in my food world then you know it’s not just about the great restaurant, the lovely plated treat, the stroll through the farmers market.  I’m also concerned about eco-degradation driven by poor agricultural practices, and the double edge of hungry children …

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Celebrate Spring with the Season’s Tastiest Ingredients

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AOC Asp + Pol

Spring has sprung! Here’s what you should be cooking.

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Recipe: Classic Cheese Soufflé

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This soufflé recipe from Greg Patent is a classic, and it’s the perfect recipe for a cozy night in.

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Recipe: Perfect Roasted Cauliflower

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Photo by Amelia Saltsman

Cauliflower is in season, and it is more popular than ever. So why not make this recipe for roasted cauliflower?

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Chef CJ Jacobsen’s Forest Floor Pear

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Chef CJ's Forest Floor Pear

This is not a regular pear.  It’s not just that it’s an especially tasty variety (which it is), it’s that it smells just like hiking through a SoCal mountain trail.  It’s so aromatic that my truck cab was infused with the smell for days after transporting the pear from KCRW to my house.
How CJ did it:
Chef CJ Jacobson of Girasol in Studio City is …

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A Foodie’s Guide to Super Bowl Snack Deliciousness

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super bowl food

Looking for a challenging and unique Super Bowl snack menu? We have the recipes for you.

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Reinvigorate Your Roast Chicken with One Ingredient: Koji

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Picture 2

Koji, in its purest form, is rice that has been inoculated with Aspergillus oryzae spores, commonly referred to as koji mold. The powdery spores are sprinkled on warm rice and allowed to ferment for 24 to 48 hours. During this time, flavor blooms as the rice transforms into koji – the backbone of miso, soy sauce and sake.
Shio-koji, or salt koji, has become a …

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How to Make Dashi and What to Do With It

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Screen shot 2014-01-09 at 5.03.03 PM

Dashi – it’s the primary ingredient in so much of Japanese cuisine. The word alone means stock, but the most common version is made from water, kombu seaweed and katsuobushi or bonito flakes. Sonoko Sakai, who works under the umbrella organization Common Grains, has made it her mission to deepen Americans understanding of Japanese cuisine and culture. She shares her tips for making dashi …

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Vegetable Spotlight: Puntarelle

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Puntarelle from plant to plate

Puntarelle – Chicory elevated
If you’ve ever spent time walking the markets of Rome chances are you’ve seen thin curled slices of a celadon to white hued vegetable piled high or floating in a bowl of water.  Hopefully you had a salad of the puntarelle, a labor-intensive gift of fresh crunch with a hint of bitterness, often napped with a powerful anchovy garlic dressing. It’s …