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Yotam Ottolenghi Dishes on Four Recipes from “Plenty More”

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We never seem to get enough of Yotam Ottolenghi. The chef and cookbook author has released four exceedingly popular cookbooks including Plenty, Jerusalem, Ottolenghi and his latest, Plenty More. Last week, he dropped by for a long chat about his cooking style, the use of color on the plate and what the heck to do with kohlrabi. Here are a few outtakes from his conversation with Evan …

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Kale Chips and Power Smoothies on Wolfgang Puck’s 20th Oscar Menu (2014 Oscar Menu Included)

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salmon shaped oscars

What are your favorite celebrities going to eat at this year’s Governor’s Ball? Chef Wolfgang Puck tells us what he’s cooking and reflects on 20 years of catering the event.

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Chef CJ Jacobsen’s Forest Floor Pear

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Chef CJ's Forest Floor Pear

This is not a regular pear.  It’s not just that it’s an especially tasty variety (which it is), it’s that it smells just like hiking through a SoCal mountain trail.  It’s so aromatic that my truck cab was infused with the smell for days after transporting the pear from KCRW to my house.
How CJ did it:
Chef CJ Jacobson of Girasol in Studio City is …

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Recipe: Scarpetta Spaghetti with Tomato Sauce

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Scarpetta Spaghetti-1

This week on Good Food, Evan speaks with Scott Conant, a judge on Chopped on the Food Network and the chef who helms five branches of his restaurant Scarpetta nationwide. Last year he released The Scarpetta Cookbook which includes a recipe for his famous bowl of pasta.

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Books on Food: 12 Reads for the Long Run

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books for the long run

These books are an eclectic group from gifted authors whose recipes, tips, instruction and/or explanation of techniques will edify the way you look at ingredients and how you transform them into meals. Look at these authors like the mentors they are and embrace what they have to say. This was the hardest category to narrow down. I get literally hundreds of books a year …

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In Defense of the Uncookable Cookbook: Eight Books That Will Inspire You

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I get an average of 200 cookbooks a year sent to me. Yes, it’s like a dream, occasionally a nightmare actually. Sometimes so many arrive in one day that I start to fantasize about making furniture out of them. But this year was an order of magnitude of not only the quantity of books, but the quality. It was the year the coffee table …

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I Dare You to Cook This: The “Winter Tidal Pool” from Manresa: An Edible Reflection

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Photo Credit Eric Wolfinger

David Kinch is both a chef and a surfer. This dish, which he serves at his Los Gatos restaurant Manresa, is inspired by his frequent dips in the Pacific Ocean. He calls it “a winter tidal pool.”

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Why David Kinch of Manresa Does Not Sous Vide Proteins

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David Kinch is the chef and owner of Manresa, a two Michelin starred restaurant in Los Gatos, California. His new book which he wrote with Christine Muhlke is Manresa: An Edible Reflection. In conversation with Good Food’s Evan Kleiman, Kinch explained why he only uses sous vide techniques for some fruits and vegetables, and never for proteins. “I’m very opinionated about this,” he says. …

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Events: Alice Waters and David Kinch coming to Chino Farm

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Few farms have received the acclaim yet retained an aura of mystery as has Chino Farm in Rancho Santa Fe.  The produce grown by the Chino family is as close to perfect as I’ve experienced.  And when I say perfect I mean each individual vegetable or fruit tastes so much like itself sometimes it’s like meeting it for the first time.  Alice Waters and …