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Mapping Melbourne

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A Good Food listener named Kellie made a map of all her favorite cheap eats in Melbourne. If you’re planning a visit, definitely check out her recommendations.

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A Dog’s Life Down Under

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It’s not a secret that Australians are one of the biggest consumers of meat in the world.  Evan and I saw it first hand when we visited several markets in Adelaide and Melbourne.  These large indoor markets (Adelaide Central Market, Prahran Market and Queen Victoria Market) have multiple butcher stalls with loads of meats (beef, chicken, rabbit, goat, kangaroo, emu, and more) in all …

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Re-entry to City Life: Melbourne

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Evan and I arrived in Melbourne yesterday and immediately realized that being here is a perfect way to ease ourselves back to reality.  It’s a bustling city, much like Seattle or Portland.  Aussies describe it as “funky,” which it is.  Across from our hotel is the Prahran market, which we are consistently mispronouncing.  The market is gorgeous, with fruit stalls, prepared foods, meats, fish …

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Hills of My Heart – The Fleurieu

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So I thought that Kangaroo Island was the apex, the peak, the best the trip could be as we checked out of Southern Ocean Lodge, and then we got on a ferry to head back to mainland, to The Fleurieu Peninsula.  It’s the getaway area for folks who live in Adelaide.  The ferry ride across the Backstairs Passage was unusually smooth and quite beautiful.  …

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Eating and Drinking Australia… and Eating Some More

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For the last two weeks, Good Food Producer Harriet Ells and I have been traveling around South Australia with a group of journalists.  It’s part of Tasting Australia, a food and wine showcase.  Many of you might be wondering what this trip is like overall.  Well there’s a whole world that’s happening to us that isn’t reflected in the pics of food and drink and …

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Chicken Feet: Eddie Lin Would Be So Proud!

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Here is a picture of me eating Chicken Feet during a Yum Cha lunch on Gouger Street in Adelaide.  Yum Cha is like Dim Sum…

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Apex Bakery in the Barossa

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In the Barossa (South Australia wine country), there is a wonderful family-run bakery selling bread, German cakes, doughnuts, pies, and sausage rolls. Apex Bakery has been around for decades and even the patriarch, 96 year old Keith, still comes into the shop.  Now the bakery is run by Brian “Nipper” Fechner and his son.  They have a giant wood burning oven and they use …

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Barossa Farmers Market

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Yesterday we visited the farmers market in The Barossa, which is an indoor market made up of individual vendors.  It’s not produce-driven as much as it is artisan food makers.  There is a cheesemaker, a couple of bakeries, lots of jams and sauces, olive oil, etc.  Evan had one of the best egg sandwiches ever.  It was a fresh fried egg on a roll …

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Video of the Day: Kookaburra Sing-Along

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We saw a kookaburra at the Adelaide Botanic Gardens – reminded me of that children’s song…

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Lunch with an Australian Culinary Icon

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Our next stop in the Barossa was a visit to Maggie Beers’ Farmouse.  Maggie is like the Australian Julia Child / Martha Stewart / Evan Kleiman all rolled into one.  She’s warm, engaging, talented and a little scatterbrained.  She and her assistant cooked a squid dish, roast chicken (which she called “chook”), pumpkin and salad.  Dessert was “rough puff” pastry with frangipane and plum.  Since …