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René Redzepi Baffled By the Way Angelenos Handle “The Rain”

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When Rene Redzepi visited the Good Food studio in November of 2013 he was baffled by the way Angelenos handled the weather.

Listen to him poke fun of local news anchors reporting on what has become a rarity in Los Angeles: rain.

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Powered by Poop: How to Produce a Tasty Cheese with the Help of Farm Waste

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Some dairymen are using farm waste to help with cheesemaking and bottling milk. Abbie Fentress Swanson visits the Giacomini farm in Northern California where a methane digester powers the milk parlor and cheese plant.

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Jonathan Gold Reviews Burritos La Palma in El Monte

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Photo: Amy Scattergood for the LA Times.

Jonathan Gold is the Pulitzer Prize-winning food writer for the LA Times. This week he reviews Burritos La Palma in El Monte. There is more than one burrito on the menu, but Gold says you’re there for one thing: the burrito de birria.

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A Postcard from Slow Food’s Poultry Processing Workshop

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On June 1st, Slow Food LA sent out an invitation to a workshop. In the subject line read: Face Your Food – Poultry Processing Workshop.

Later that week a small crowd gathered at Barley’s Farm in La Habra Heights. They were there to learn how to humanely kill, de-feather, and process a chicken.

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Making Umeboshi with Sonoko Sakai

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Umeboshi. Break down the word and it means Japanese plum (ume) dried (boshi), but the flavor is of a salted or pickled plum – salty, sour and sweet.

Sonoko Sakai grew up in Japan where every June she would help her grandmother prepare the ume for pickling. Now that she lives in California where ume are unavailable, she is experimenting with making her own apricot-boshi.

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How the “Vietnamese Madonna” Came to Own a Bánh Mì Shop in Little Saigon

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In Orange County, California, there’s no shortage of restaurants selling bánh mì, that delicious Vietnamese sandwich featuring a crunchy baguette filled with grilled meat, pate, fresh and pickled vegetables. The OC’s Little Saigon is home to the largest Vietnamese population outside of Vietnam.  But go to the town of Westminster and you can see a pop star behind the counter, a woman known as the Vietnamese Madonna.

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Jonathan Gold Reviews Jon & Vinny’s on Fairfax

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Jonathan Gold is the Pulitzer Prize-winning food writer for the LA Times. This week he reviews Jon and Vinny’s, a “boutique” pizzeria along the Fairfax corridor. It’s the latest project from chefs Jon Shook and Vinny Dotolo, the duo behind Animal, Son of a Gun, Trois Mec and Petit Trois.

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Recipe: Pollo en Bistec (Chicken and Potatoes Stewed in Oregano and Black Pepper Sauce)

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Sterling_book cover

Since 2003, David Sterling has been living in the city of Merida where he offers cooking classes and gives culinary tours. This recipe for Pollo en Bistec comes from his book Yucatán: Recipes from a Culinary Expedition which won the James Beard Award for Cookbook of the Year.

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Where to Find the Best Tortillas in LA

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Screen Shot 2015-06-27 at 10.30.50 AM

Part of what makes a great taco is a great tortilla. So on the occasion of the Los Angeles Magazine Taco Issue, we asked Bill Esparza to share his favorite tortillas in the Southland. Esparza writes the Essential T column for Los Angeles Magazine and is the first ever taco correspondent for Good Food.

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Recipe: Sopa Milpa (Squash Flower and Vegetable Soup)

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Lesley Tellez is a food writer and culinary guide. In 2010 she founded Eat Mexico, the first culinary tours in Mexico City devoted to street food, markets and fondas. Her new book Eat Mexico brings that same food to your home kitchen.