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Cooking in Prison

Daniel Genis2

Prison food, as you might guess, is terrible.

So inmates improvise better meals, stealing basil from the therapy garden to make pesto and soaking macaroni in water to create dough for dumplings.

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A Superbug In the Food Supply?

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Photo: Bryan Jones on Flickr

With antibiotic-resistant bacteria a growing concern around the world, American and Canadian authorities regularly analyze a handful of food products – mostly commercial meats – for contaminants.

But University of Saskatchewan professor Joel Rubin wondered about all the foods that don’t receive testing.

A package of squid gave him – and us – something to worry about.

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Upcycled Architecture at Baja’s Wine School “La Escuelita”

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Rusting box springs. Barrel staves. Used irrigation hoses and broken wine bottles. What sounds like items in a junk yard, have been transformed into design elements at La Escuelita, Baja’s celebrated wine incubator in the Valle de Guadalupe.

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Why All Calories Are Not Created Equal: Dr. Robert Lustig on the Science of Sugar

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According to Dr. Robert Lustig, it’s not calories alone, but sugar and refined carbohydrates (i.e. processed food) that is driving the obesity epidemic. Contrary to popular belief, “A calorie,” he says, “is not a calorie.”

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What’s a Vegan to Eat During Passover?

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A vegan seder plate
Photo: mollyjade on Flickr

Say the words “vegan Passover” and seder menu options shrink considerably.

But Rabbi Shmuly Yanklowitz says that people celebrating a vegan Passover – and their hosts at the seder table – should not fear.

“If one prepares properly for Passover and thinks creatively, then everything is possible,” he says.

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A Passover Meal to Agree On

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An old maxim says that if you survey two Jews, you’ll get three opinions. And American Judaism has produced a diverse, and sometimes contradicting, range of teachings. But there is one small, blue booklet nearly everyone seems to read – the Maxwell House Haggadah.

Introduced in 1923 by an advertiser hoping to sell coffee to the Jewish community, over 50 million copies have circulated.

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Navigating Meat Morality in the World of Industrialized Production

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Do you make rules for yourself about eating meat?

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Joël Robuchon: My Introduction to the Refined World of Luxury Fine Dining

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Every since I saw the shocked look on Mr Gold’s face as I sat on the purple velvet sofa at Joël Robuchon at the MGM Grand and confessed I had never eaten at a super refined palace of fine dining I’ve been thinking about why. Why had I avoided the uber refined dining experience for so long?

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This Cocktail Actually Alters Your Tastebuds (And Makes You a Supertaster)

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First, your salivary glands activate. Then your tongue begins to tingle. That tingle turns to a prickle, and suddenly your whole mouth is numb. An icy sip of verbena scented margarita accentuates the experience.

No your drink was not laced with Icy-Hot, this situation in your mouth is actually part of the Verbena experience.