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I Dare You to Cook This: The “Winter Tidal Pool” from Manresa: An Edible Reflection

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Photo Credit Eric Wolfinger

David Kinch is both a chef and a surfer. This dish, which he serves at his Los Gatos restaurant Manresa, is inspired by his frequent dips in the Pacific Ocean. He calls it “a winter tidal pool.”

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Eight Spirits That Will Cure What Ails You (and Upgrade Your Barcart)

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Absinthe, vermouth, genever – these all fall under the category of spirits that used to be medicine. This history-rich sector of booze began as the work of alchemists and today have become prized ingredients on the mixology playground; but Silverlake Wine co-owner George Cossette says some of these spirits don’t need cocktails to shine. In fact, he prefers them neat.

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Why David Kinch of Manresa Does Not Sous Vide Proteins

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David Kinch is the chef and owner of Manresa, a two Michelin starred restaurant in Los Gatos, California. His new book which he wrote with Christine Muhlke is Manresa: An Edible Reflection. In conversation with Good Food’s Evan Kleiman, Kinch explained why he only uses sous vide techniques for some fruits and vegetables, and never for proteins. “I’m very opinionated about this,” he says. …

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Thanksgiving Aperitif: Persimmon Infused Dolin Blanc Vermouth

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Matthew Biancaniello is well known in Los Angeles for his seasonal cocktails. His bar arsenal includes bottles of stinging nettle infused Pisco, tequila infused with seaweed and guavas and mushroom scented bourbon. This Thanksgiving, he suggests a farmers market infusion of Hachiya persimmons and Dolin Blanc vermouth. The preparation is simple – but the ingredients need a week to infuse, so start now!

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Hoshigaki – The Japanese Art of Drying Persimmons

hoshi gaki close up horizontal

Jeff Rieger owns Penryn Orchard Specialties, a small orchard near Sacramento. Every week he packs up his truck with carefully picked persimmons, Asian pears and apples and drives 462 miles (one way) to the Santa Monica Farmers Market. He also brings with him hoshigaki – a Japanese delicacy that is one of the most exciting offsprings of persimmon season.

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What You Should Buy This Weekend at the Farmers Market

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What should you be shopping for at Southern California Farmers Markets? Every Friday we help you plan your weekend shopping trip. This week our vote goes to fresh peanuts, asian pears and celery.

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This Week on Good Food: Chinese Breakfast in LA, Mollie Katzen, The Best Roti in NYC

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roti 17

In an unsuspecting part of Monterey Park, Jonathan Gold finds the best Hong Kong style breakfast in Los Angeles. Plus, independent producer Christopher Johnson takes a trip to Ozone Park, Queens in search of traditional roti. Detroit musicians Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. discuss what it’s like to eat gluten free while traveling on tour. Mollie Katzen, who taught the hippie generation to cook delicious …

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Where to Eat This Weekend in Los Angeles: Delicious Food Corner

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This week, Jonathan Gold recommends the Hong Kong style breakfast at Delicious Food Corner in Monterey Park. He says they make the best congee in LA (he likes it with fish or with the offal-laden meatballs) and also suggests the milk tea and the rice noodle rolls. Arrive early – if you get there after 10 or 10:30am you’re looking at a long, hungry …

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Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. Discusses Eating Gluten Free While on Tour

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Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. is a Detroit based band. They are also gluten free. When the duo stopped by KCRW’s studio to perform on Morning Becomes Eclectic, Producer Avishay Artsy sat down and asked them what it’s like to maintain a gluten free lifestyle while on tour. The two try to bring as much food as they can on the tour bus, but admit …

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In Search of Roti – A Trip to New York’s Little Guyana

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If they offer it at all, most Indian restaurants have banished the thick, doughy flatbread called roti to the nether pages of their menus, in favor of its lighter, more popular cousin, naan. But in Trinidad and Guyana, roti reigns. It’s more than just a starch to soak up your curry – it’s a point of national pride. South Asians brought roti with them to the West Indies when they arrived as indentured servants in the mid 1800s. Since then, the bread has made another migration – from Port-of-Spain and Georgetown, up to West Indian kitchens and restaurants of Queens, New York.