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Domestic Wines to Drink this Thanksgiving

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wine collage

Say the words “Thanksgiving wines” and in response you’ll hear Beaujolais Nouveau. It’s not a bad choice, but why not go full-Patriot and drink domestic this holiday season?

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A Visit to California’s First Coffee Farm

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In California, local food has two pitfalls: coffee and chocolate. At best, people can hope that the beans were roasted nearby and the cocoa transformed into a bar within their city’s limits, but no one expects the coffee or cacao to be grown in California, let alone North America.
Yet earlier this week, I stood with Evan Kleiman on a south facing hillside in Goleta, CA amidst avocado …

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Yotam Ottolenghi Dishes on Four Recipes from “Plenty More”

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We never seem to get enough of Yotam Ottolenghi. The chef and cookbook author has released four exceedingly popular cookbooks including Plenty, Jerusalem, Ottolenghi and his latest, Plenty More. Last week, he dropped by for a long chat about his cooking style, the use of color on the plate and what the heck to do with kohlrabi. Here are a few outtakes from his conversation with Evan …

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Recipe: Buttermilk Chess Pie

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The Buttermilk Chess Pie at Husk.

Lisa Donovan is the pastry chef at Husk restaurant in Nashville. We spotted her Buttermilk Chess Pie while watching the second season of Mind of a Chef on PBS. She says chess pie is a dessert that defines Southern bakers.

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There’s No Such Thing as a Kobe Slider: Kobe Fraud is Rampant in the US

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A Kobe steak at The New York Grill at the Park Hyatt in Tokyo.

“High prices don’t guarantee that you are getting Kobe beef but low prices virtually guarantee that you’re not.” If you’ve ever eaten a kobe burger or a kobe slider, it’s time to ask for your money back.

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Upcycled Architecture at Baja’s Wine School “La Escuelita”

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Rusting box springs. Barrel staves. Used irrigation hoses and broken wine bottles. What sounds like items in a junk yard, have been transformed into design elements at La Escuelita, Baja’s celebrated wine incubator in the Valle de Guadalupe.

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Why All Calories Are Not Created Equal: Dr. Robert Lustig on the Science of Sugar

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According to Dr. Robert Lustig, it’s not calories alone, but sugar and refined carbohydrates (i.e. processed food) that is driving the obesity epidemic. Contrary to popular belief, “A calorie,” he says, “is not a calorie.”

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From Punk Rock to Red Velvet: The Story of Auntie Em’s Kitchen

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Before there were cupcakes there was punk rock. In 1991, Terri Wahl was an avid home cook. By day, she consumed food magazines and poured over cookbooks.
By night, she played guitar and screamed into microphones about everything from boys to roller skating.

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This Cocktail Actually Alters Your Tastebuds (And Makes You a Supertaster)

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First, your salivary glands activate. Then your tongue begins to tingle. That tingle turns to a prickle, and suddenly your whole mouth is numb. An icy sip of verbena scented margarita accentuates the experience.

No your drink was not laced with Icy-Hot, this situation in your mouth is actually part of the Verbena experience.

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The New Wave of All-You-Can-Eat Buffets in Las Vegas

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Dessert Station

Las Vegas buffets, much like the city itself, are polarizing. You either love them. Or you hate them, but a new wave of buffets are sprouting up in Las Vegas, determined to overturn the stigma of soggy bacon and and rubbery pancakes