Good Food explores current events, social phenomena, history and culture through the lens of food. From food politics to the science behind cooking, host Evan Kleiman highlights the diverse community of cooks, farmers, entrepreneurs, historians and journalists who have devoted their lives to food.

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  • Isabel Lake

    Will there be a pie competition this year?

  • Marina

    Will there be a pie competition this year?

  • hells

    Hi Tom,

    We think it's Ilan Hall from the Gorbals: http://www.kcrw.com/etc/programs/gf/gf110416matzo

    Let me know if that helps.


  • barbs

    Evan: where can we find Lemon Cucumbers at the Santa Monica farmers market ? Help!

  • KarenV

    Trying to find the dappledandy recipe with sage yogurt but can't. Please help.

  • Rick N

    Have you ever covered matsutake mushrooms? It's that time of year when they are available. I've never found it at a farmers market in so cal but did see it up in Seattle once.

  • Mart

    Evan, do you have a recipe of the cheez dip at Belly? Would like to try but living in Italy……purtroppo…… Any hints would be wellcome. Great show btw will do my best to keep it on the road!


  • Hi Evan
    Have you tried Marionberries from Oregon, they are the very best berries for pies or anything else.
    The Fritos in the bag snack have been served in California since the beginning of Fritos, probably 70 years. The true name for them us Pepperbellies.

  • localfoodandwine

    Hi Evan – Love your show! … If you ever want to do a broadcast from Paris (France) look me up – I'd love to show you around the city's best Foodie neighborhoods and highlights.
    cheers – Paige – Local Food And Wine

  • Libby

    I love all of your LA restaurant recommendations. I'll be traveling there this weekend
    and need some tasty restaurant suggestions for large groups, including children. We will be a total
    of 11-13. Must also be affordable. Can travel most locations but our locus is Monterey Park.

  • Amanda Womack

    How can I get you to my favorite cafe in Culver City, LA Spice?

  • Michelle

    I attended your recent pie class at the New School. I have a question. After reviewing your recipe for the pie crust, I can't tell if it is written for one crust or two. So, the question is is the recipe for 1 or 2 crusts.
    I suspect 1 given how thick the crusts were at the class, but the quantities are nearly double that found in a standard cookbook for a one crust pie. I get confused because the instructions say to break the dough into 2 disks and refrigerate them separately. They don't say anything about combining the disks when you roll them out. It would be helpful if the recipes indicated how much one is making, or how many people the recipe serves. Thanks much.

  • Rick

    Hello Evan. We love the show.
    You had a wonderful crab dumpling recipe on the website at one point and be damned if I can find it now that I have some fresh crab and want to try it….
    Can you please tell me where I can find it? They were the type of dumpling that had liquid inside.

  • Brad Woods

    hey evan, i’m a long time listener and i love your show. any chance i could get the name of the song in the “burrito bracket” episode after sarah rogeson finishes her segment? weird i know, but would appreciate it so much ! 🙂

    • Hi Brad,

      Apologies for the late reply, but I believe the song you’re referring to is ‘A Night Like This’ by Caro Emerald. Let us know if that’s it!

  • Peggy Kravitz

    I don’t know if you entertain recommendations for the Cookbook Club books, but I was intrigued by the New Persian Kitchen author on your show earlier this year. I’ve enjoyed all of the books I’ve received so far. I have to create a new cookbook shelf.

  • I am editing the Berkshire Encyclopedia of Chinese Cuisines, and we want to cover the topic of pairing wine with Chinese food, so I will try to contact her. (Berkshire Encyclopedia of Chinese Cuisines, covering everything from cooking throughout history and archaeological finds, to culinary techniques, regional and ethnic dishes, and biographies of famous chefs, gourmets, and writers http://berkshirepublishing.com/product.aspx?projid=94.
    A stellar group of scholars and cookery writers are advising us.)

  • Charlie Dibe

    I thought I’d share this sad news about a NY institution: http://gothamist.com/2014/11/18/beloved_village_shop_bonnie_slotnic.php

  • Food Lovers you are all invited to taste the best pizza in L.A. A new concept pizzalola.com I hope you will join us https://www.facebook.com/events/1493560300920734/

  • Long time listener

    Jonathan Gold: your pieces are always something I look forward to hearing, however, I often have to turn the volume down to avoid hearing the horrendous cotton mouth/crackling mouth sounds. Listeners would much appreciate your ameliorating this condition. (sorry for the harsh feedback).

  • Rene’

    hello, evan —
    i always enjoy your show and its eclectic mix that you concoct. i listened with great interest the conversation with the director of FED UP and the doctor from UCSF talking so passionately about obesity. it seems that carbos are now the new devil-obsession that needs to be exorcised out of our lives.

    yet, i wonder: why don’t we see as many obese people in places like italy, with its wide variety of pastas and breads; or in most countries of east asia where the diet is so heavily dependent on rice (well, i guess that in japan they beat obesity out of anyone who takes the subway… ); or even in germany and austria where the diet is rich in carbos and fats and pastries, not to mention beer. my suspicion is that, like with so many other food fads that are always popping up, there is nothing wrong with carbos themselves but with what goes INTO those carbos — like those “unpronounceable enhancers” that are listed on american food labels or, as i have also heard, the transformation of carbos into sugars due to refrigeration.

    and if i may add a tidbit i heard on the “gluten free” madness: i understand that the catholic church will now be serving gluten free communion wafers.

  • Jonnie

    Evan, please try to control your on-air vaginal orgasms…they are very annoying! Maybe go for a vaginal steam to get a handle on this.

  • Greg Hassen

    I love Caneles, so I was excited to hear the discussion with the Pastry
    Chef from the SLS today….so excited I drove there from Silverlake! so I
    arrived at just after 6 pm and I was shocked to find they sell them for
    $12!!! I bought one since I’d come all that way. I have never paid
    more than $3.50 for one and properly made (and delicious) in the copper
    molds, etc., etc.

    I have not eaten it yet. Tomorrow, I am going
    to get one at Figaro Bistro ($1.80) and Bouchon Bakery ($3.00) and do a
    taste test with a friend.

    I love Good Food and eating good food,
    but whoa……do another story on Caneles and rate them on price and
    quality. That would be cool.

  • Mónica

    Learn how to cook Salmon Belly Ceviche at LA Plaza de Cultura y Artes on July 11. Tickets are $25 dollars a person, which includes food and cooking demonstration from Corazon y Miel


  • Joshua Chaney

    Have you had the World’s 1st Frozen popcorn located in West Hills CA called California Mad Poppers? It is to die for and I suggest doing a write up. They have a 5 star rating for a reason. They sample over 60 different flavors of air popped flavored frozen popcorn

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  • phillip garcia

    Hey Evan!

    Since it’s thanksgiving time…I’m finally getting around to sharing with you my favorite holiday desserts in Long Beach. Have you ever been to Jongewaard’s Bake N’ Broil in Bixby Knolls? Well if you haven’t, do yourself a favor and go get a slice of their Holiday Lush pie. It’s amazing! One of LB’s hidden gems. It’s this cream cheese, cranberry, grannie smith peel….magic! While I want to share the great find with you…I’m kinda scared to let the secret out…it’s sooo good! Hope you get a chance to try it!…it can be tough getting your hands on one.

    Love the show,


  • Beverly Clark

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