Did someone say, ‘Patty Melt’?!

Tyler Kord, chef and owner of the New York City-based No. 7 restaurant and sub shops, shares a patty melt recipe from his new book, "A Super Upsetting Book About Sandwiches." Kord recommends listening to Thin Lizzy’s “The Boys are Back in Town” while you eat.

tyler-kord-a-super-upsetting-cookbook-about-sandwichesWhat do you get when you cross an irreverent wordsmith with a curious, opinionated chef? Tyler Kord. He’s the chef and owner of the No. 7 restaurant and sub shops in New York City and the author of “A Super Upsetting Cookbook About Sandwiches.”

Kord’s version of the patty melt starts with a veggie burger patty made from crumbled seitan and roasted broccoli, roasted red onions and at least two — or three! — slices of cheddar sandwiched between two slices of rye. But “don’t get that bullsh*t rye bread with no caraway seeds,” he warns while pan-frying patty melts in salted butter. The butter is still less fat than “you would be consuming if you made this with ground beef!” This patty melt is toasted to perfection and served hot with zesty pickles and Kord’s signature Smoked French Dressing on the side. Serve ’em up, chef.

Chef Tyler Kord of New York City’s No. 7 restaurant and sub shops. (Photo by Kyle Makrauer)

Photo of Patty Melts! (above) by Noah Fecks.