Congratulations to KCRW’s Good Food Pie Contest winners for 2016!

Hundreds of avid bakers and tasters gathered on UCLA's Royce Quad for the eighth annual KCRW Good Food Pie Contest on Sunday to decide which of this year's 374 pies would bring home the prize.

How sweet it is: Jonathan Gold and Evan Kleiman award Renee Tracy’s salted cinnamon honey pie the blue ribbon for Best in Show. (Photo by Jesse Fulton/KCRW)

Congratulations to all the winners of our eighth annual KCRW Good Food Pie Contest! Once again, our grande dame of pie, Evan Kleiman, presided over a fun-filled day on UCLA’s Royce Quad. Our judges tasted their way through 374 pies in eight categories: fruit, savory, cooked custard, cream, nut, vegan and a special Cuban category that was inspired by the Fowler Museum at UCLA. This year, contestants also entered pies in a new sweet potato pie category sponsored by the Universal Pictures film, “Almost Christmas.”

In recent years, fruit and savory pies have won Best in Show. But after much heated debate, a pie in the cooked custard category swept the show, surprising even our judges.


Renee Tracy’s salted cinnamon honey pie. (Photo by Jackie Liu/KCRW)

Best in Show: Salted cinnamon honey pie by Renee Tracy

The judges awarded Renee Tracy’s salted cinnamon honey pie the Best in Show ribbon for its balance and nuanced sweetness.


Karla Subero’s blueberry pie won best crust. (Photo by Jackie Liu/KCRW)

Best Crust: Blueberry pie by Karla Subero

Karla Subero’s blueberry pie crust was so well executed that pie contest judge Sherry Yard was able to lift this beauty out of its pie pan intact, ending all discussion as to the winner for Best Crust.


“Berry’s Gone Wild” by T.A. Thole. (Photo by Jackie Liu)

1st Place: “Berries Gone Wild” pie by T.A. Thole
2nd Place: White miso caramel apple pie by Nicole Bigley
3rd Place: “Obama’s Crack” (nectarine) pie by Woolf Kanter


Stephanie Cabral’s steak mushroom cheese pie won this year’s savory category. (Photo by Jackie Liu/KCRW)

1st Place: Steak mushroom cheese pie by Stephanie Cabral
2nd Place Thai pork and basil hand pies by Pruitt Kerdchoochuen
3rd Place: Tomato pie by Bari Stevens-Chapman


Kevin Winzer’s banana cream dulce de leche pie with pecan shatter. (Photo by Jackie Liu/KCRW)

1st Place: Banana cream dulce de leche pie with pecan shatter by Kevin Winzer
2nd Place: Banana cream pie by Jack Oleksinski
3rd Place: “Chocolate Buzz” pie by Patricia Lapiezo


Chocolate pecan pie by Mary Quirk won the nut category. (Photo by Jackie Liu/KCRW)

1st Place: Chocolate pecan pie by Mary Quirk
2nd Place: “Dirty” whisky nut pie by Jennifer Newfield
3rd Place: Bourbon pecan pie with almond wheat crust by Amanda Gatlin


Emily Wright’s buttermilk custard pie with spelt crust won second place in this year’s cooked custard category. (Photo by Jackie Liu/KCRW)

1st Place: Salted cinnamon honey pie by Renee Tracy (also awarded Best in Show)
2nd Place: Buttermilk custard pie with spelt crust by Emily Wright
3rd Place: Chocolate chess pie by Karen Smyrl


Karen Uyeda’s amaretto cherry pie with coconut oil crust won this year’s vegan pie category. (Photo by Jackie Liu/KCRW)

1st Place: Amaretto cherry pie with coconut oil crust by Karen Uyeda
2nd Place: Vegan pear and pecan pie by Adam Byers
3rd Place: Sour cherry pie by Christopher Riedesel


T.A. Thole’s sweet potato cornbread pie won first place in the sweet potato pie category. (Photo by Jackie Liu)

1st Place: Sweet potato cornbread pie by T.A. Thole
2nd Place: Sweet potato cheesecake pie with graham cracker and pecan crust by Yuan Hua
3rd Place: Cardamom tahini sweet potato pie with Speculoos crust by Nicole Bigley


Yesemia Fernandez’s ropa vieja pie won this year’s Cuban category. (Photo by Jackie Liu/KCRW)

1st Place: Ropa vieja pie by Yesemia Fernandez
2nd Place: Cuban pastelón pie by Karen Chao
3rd Place: Salted caramel mango guava rum pie by T.A. Thole

Tasting all 374 pies ain’t easy, but someone’s gotta do it! Let’s hear it for this year’s pie contest judges: Adam Perry Lang, Ann Kirk, Annie Miler, Christina Olufson, Christine Moore, Clara Polito, Clemence Gossett, Curtis Stone, Dahlia Narvaez, David LeFevre, Evan Tessler, Genevieve Gergis, Gustavo Arellano, Hourie Sahakian, Jessie T. Usher, Jonathan Gold, Jonathan Graham, Johnny Ryan Murphy, Lindsay Hollister Heffner and Matt Heffner, Meadow Ramsey, Michael Anthony, Noelle Carter, Robert Wemischner, Rose Lawrence, Sang Yoon, Sarah Lange, Sherry Yard, and Valerie Gordon. (Photo by Camellia Tse/KCRW)