Jonathan Gold Reviews Celebrity Chef Curtis Stone’s Maude in Beverly Hills

Snagging a seat at celebrity chef Curtis Stone's restaurant, Maude, in Beverly Hills might just be one of the most difficult tickets to come by of the LA fine dining scene.

Venison loin from Chef Curtis Stone’s apple-themed October tasting menu at Maude. (Photos courtesy of the restaurant)

Maude - Curtis Stone
Chef Curtis Stone of Maude

Jonathan Gold is the Pulitzer Prize-winning food writer for the LA Times.

Snagging a seat at celebrity chef Curtis Stone’s restaurant, Maude, in Beverly Hills might just be one of the most difficult tickets to come by of the LA fine dining scene. Each month, guests who do score them are invited to experience the narrative of a single ingredient that has inspired Chef Curtis so as to be recast in different flavors and textures through the progression of his nine course prix-fixe menu. From pomegranates to parsnips to apples to truffles, the ingredient themes rotate monthly, mirroring the changing of the seasons.

Jonathan’s picks: Admittedly, a fan of Chef Curtis’ October apple theme, he recalls preparations that paired other ingredients like salsify, celeriac and chervil.

Location: 212 South Beverly Drive, Beverly Hills, CA 90212 (310) 859-3418 |

Pro-tip: Book now for 2016, and you might just score a seat.

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Maude - White Truffle Gelato
White Truffle Gelato with Honeycomb from the November white truffle tasting menu at Maude.
  • Audry

    We went for Fig month. It was the most disappointing dinner experience I have ever had! $1500 for 6 of us and we all left hungry! Ended the night at in and out! I am a chef and caterer myself and I believe all the hype is just that! Wish they were honorable and had given us a rerun like we asked! I’m very shocked that Mr. Gold whom I respect tremendously would actually praise a restaurant that gives you two bites of foam as a course!

  • Your pro-tip is a bit premature – reservations for 2016 don’t open until Dec 1.