Greek sweet and sour beans

Martha Rose Shulman was focusing on vegetables back when most vegetarian cooks were structuring their meals around brown rice and butter. But plant-based eating has come a long way since the 1970s; today, more and more us are learning to put vegetables at the center of our plates. Shulman says this is much easier than it used to be, because now we have more access to local vegetables and grains.

Shulman talks vegetarian history with Evan on this Saturday’s show. Enjoy her recipe for Greek Sweet and Sour Baked Beans with Tomatoes, Peppers, and Mint below.


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  • Real Cheap Food

    This looks great. I also love that you call the bean-cooking part a "template," rather than a recipe! To me, all recipes are templates. hah And yes, sorting the beans carefully to pick out any little rocks is important: you might not find any most of the time, but finding one just one time is worth that little step! (Biting a rock is no good. No good.)

    Wonderful column, thanks!