Photo: Mollie Katzen

Four decades ago, Mollie Katzen wrote the seminal vegetarian guide The Moosewood Cookbook. She tells Evan Kleiman that the biggest change in vegetarian cooking over the last forty years is that vegetables have gotten a lot better. Eaters following a vegetarian lifestyle don’t have to rely as much on pasta, grains, eggs or dairy to create delicious vegetarian meals.

The shift is reflected in her new book The Heart of the Plate: Vegetarian Recipes for a New Generation, which updates Katzen’s classic, sensual fare for the modern vegetarian.

This vibrant Autumn Vegetable Lasagna is a great example. Perfect for fall, it relies more on vegetables than pasta.  Hear Katzen discuss the dish in an outtake below and keep reading for the recipe.

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  • Lauraine said:

    Hi -

    The note says “vegan” when following the variation. Is the variation basically just leaving off all cheese and inserting more balsamic reduction?

    Thanks -

    (Dairy allergic)


  • Sarah said:

    Hi Lauraine,

    I'm sorry – I forgot to add the vegan variation. I've added it now at the bottom. It uses tofu and turns the dish into a soup.


  • Lauraine said:

    Oh :( Thanks for following up, Sarah. But not so delicious-sounding…

  • Sarah said:

    You could try the lasagna with a vegan cheese.

  • Jessica said:

    Interesting that she says vegetables have gotten better, I wonder if she means that there are more available no matter the season, because with all the nasty pesticides being used today scientists have proven that vegetables in fact tasted a lot better 50 years ago…

  • Pizza said:

    I'm a professional chef. I know the photo looks amazing, but the fact is I ran through this recipe once and well, let's just say it wasn't as photogenic as that. I'm suggesting run through this lasagne once, then the next time you make it you can safely invite friends over to try it. The first run won't be lovely. If you care about your friends, don't test your first try on them!