Recipe: Evan’s Matzo Balls

matzo ballCause sometimes you really need a matzo ball and it’s a shame to be at the mercy of bad delis.  I already had the chicken soup in the freezer.  I always have chicken soup, ok broth, in the freezer.  So this is about that ball, the one that either sinks or floats in a lake of chicken broth.  I’ve done a lot of experimenting over the years to come to the realization that the recipe on the box or the bag is definitely THE ONE as long as you make a couple of tweaks.  The first tweak is you must use schmaltz or duck fat instead of oil as the fat.  In fact it’s not a tweak it’s a rule. Otherwise, seriously don’t bother making them.  (This is easy to do if you buy a small container of duck fat at WF and keep it in your freezer.)  Second, please use farmers market eggs if you can. Third, throw a little finely chopped parsley in there.  It’s a dumpling and dumplings look kind of bland no matter how much flavor they secretly harbor.  And fourth, and this was very controversial in my house for years, try a little freshly grated nutmeg in your balls.  Combined with the duck or chicken fat, the fresh eggs and salt and pepper, it’s a complete package.