sharon graves winning pie

Sharon Graves’ Apple Pie won Best Fruit Pie, Best Crust and Best in Show.

The results are in! Below is a list of the first, second and third place winners at the 5th Annual Good Food Pie Contest. Baker Sharon Graves received a hat trick for Best Fruit Pie, Best Crust and Best in Show. Her perfectly prepared apple pie proved that sometimes classic is best.


3. Lindsey Towne – “LACMA” pie

2. Claire Hungerford & Cybelle Tondu – “Andy Piehole”

1. Laurel Randolph – ‘La Gerbe’ Pie”


3. Mara Herbkersman – “Summer Tomato Pie”

2. Helene von Schreiber-Morgan – “Zwiebelkuchen Onion”

1. Joel Blum – “Curry Chicken Pie”


3. Cat Gannon – “Maple Bacon Pecan Pie”

2. Emily Cofrancesco of I Heart Pies - “Chocolate Bourbon Pie”

1. Ross Falls – “Pecan Pie”


3. Melissa Arcaro – “Chocolate Fresh Banana Puddin’ Pie with Coconut, Whipped Cream & Salted Caramel”

2. Heidi Boyd – “Mushroom Umami”

1. Evelyn Davalos – “Grandaddy’s Favorite Peach”


3. Sara Culver – “Banana and Toasted Coconut”

2. Wendie Heather Wong – “Fat Bottom”

1. Shyamala Reddy – “The Arnold Palmer”


3. Morgan Simons, owner of Pi Bakeshop  - “Peach with Brown Butter Crumble Pie”

2. Bernice Fong – “Apple Pie”

1. Sharon Graves – “Apple Pie”

Best Crust – Sharon Graves – “Apple Pie”
Best in Show – Sharon Graves – “Apple Pie”

Check out the following video that Good Food Segment Producer Laryl Garcia made during the contest.

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  • Anne said:

    Congratulations to the winners. I'd love to see what kind of pies they made.

  • Tina said:

    Congratulations, all pies look really tasty :-)

  • Catherine Ball said:

    Who won in the kid's category?

  • evankleiman said:

    We didn't think kids needed to be judged in that way. All are winners. The fact that they cooked on their own is amazing and worthy. They each got a specially designed Pie Merit Badge.

  • Nora Hunt said:

    Congratulations to all winners! I only wish I had tasted the Banana toasted coconut pie. Looked and sounds delicious.

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  • Genie said:

    It was a great day!! My first year entering and I had such fun-didn't win a ribbon, but I was stationed next to two of the winners-how cool!! Curry Chicken and Arnold Palmer…definitely coming back for next year's:)

  • Tanner said:

    OMG – I am now obsessed with pies. I am anxious to create my own pie creation with the bushel of apples I just picked up from the community garden share I belong to in Brooklyn, NY. Hope to have an entry in the contest next year. Thanks Evan for the pie inspiration!

  • alexically said:

    So fun! Thanks for hosting it again!! Can't wait til next year when I enter with some more Gluten-free vegan pies. :)

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  • Sara said:

    I made the Banana Toasted Coconut pie; glad you like how it looked! Here's what I wrote about it:

    This contest is so much fun! Thanks KCRW!

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  • ihatesatnite said:

    So fun! Thanks for hosting it again!! Can't wait til next year when I enter with some more Gluten-free vegan pies. :) tas branded batam