Free Class: Sous Vide for the Home Cook

sousvide_class2It seems like every time I’m out and about someone asks me what sous vide is and if it’s good for the home cook.  I have to say that I have very little personal experience with it.  However, I do think it’s time to explore with less snark and more openness how techniques used by “modern” chefs can inform our home cooking.  My producer Gillian Ferguson and I were up in the Pacific Northwest for a few days for Good Food and a highlight of the trip was our tour of The Modernist Cuisine Lab  in Bellevue, WA.  Speaking with research chef  Anjana Shanker  I was struck by how accessible some of these techniques are.  With a few more affordable versions of  sous vide equipment hitting the market due to Kickstarter success it’s time to buy a new gadget and start playing.  If you need more convincing or you’re ready to take the plunge here’s information on a FREE local class on sous vide at Surfas.

Class:  Sous Vide at Home
Teacher:  Mark Swain
Date:  Oct 5 st 11am – 1pm  FREE!
Venue:  Surfas
Corner of W. Washington and National Blvd.
Culver City, CA 90232
(310) 559-4770




  • Mark Swain


    Hope you all make the Sous Vide demo but one correction.

    The class starts at 11am and goes to 1pm.

    Sorry for the wrong time.

    It’s going to be fun and tasty so again hope to see you at Surfas .


    • Thank you. We should talk kitchen gadgets sometime.