Win A Pair of Tickets to Evan Kleiman + Sherry Yard’s Pie Class Tomorrow Night!

Tomorrow night at 7pm, two pie queens will share their pie secrets in a class at The New School of Cooking in Culver City. We’re giving away two tickets to the baker who needs the most help!

Tell us your pie disaster story in the comments below. Did you forget to add an ingredient? Did your oven catch on fire? (We hope not.) We’re going to read all of your baking adventures and mishaps and whichever one of you seems like you could use a pie-whisperer the most will win a pair of tickets to this sold-out event. We’ll select a winner tomorrow morning at 10am. That’s Wednesday, August 14th at 10am, so be sure to check back and see if you are the winner!



  • Barbara Robertson

    I have vegan friends and I was trying to make a crust with coconut oil. Too cold, it wouldn't budge, couldn't mix it with anything. Put in in my oven to warm, it melted too much. I don't remember how I got everything to bind together, but it took me hours. I 'm surprised with all the mishaps and corrections, it actually came out pretty darn good. I tried hard not to overwork it or maybe I kept folding it over like a puff pastry-don't know and don't care-I'll never use coconut oil again! Gosh I'd love to hang out with you two. This class sold out very quickly.

  • Katarina

    I like pie, no, I REALLY love pie =) Though my only attempt at creating a rustic cherry pie was nothing short of an assault to the ingredients. Why can't everything just stay hot or cold or warm or whatever it's instructions said I was to do? How does add a "touch" more flour become too much of a "touch"? I started with everything I needed and I suppose the lack of confidence was the missing key! Can't a girl just fluff up some crust and spill in some filling then mess it around a bit so it comes out looking like food porn and taste even better?! Sheesh. Maybe the pie experts Evan and Sherry will guide my unskilled hands to realize my goal to satisfy my own love affair with home made pies. Thanks Food Peeps. Here's hoping…

  • Racelle Rosett

    Made a pie crust with a food prossesor. Rolled it out And only then Discovered that I had left on the foil wrapper of the butter. I held The dough in front of the open window inside glinting strands of silver foil. The other disaster happened when I make pumpkin pie for my in-laws on Thanksgiving. I need the pilot night after work I was beautiful but I had committed the sugar received it as a side dish Instead of dessert.

    • Alyssa from KCRW

      Hi Racelle – thanks for your story! We've chosen you as our pie disaster winner, so hope to see you and a friend tonight! We just sent you a confirmation to your email, so please respond to the email by Noon. Or, contact me directly at: alyssa dot king at kcrw dot org Thank you! Happy Baking!

  • Sally

    In my one pie attempt, I accidentally forgot to separate the egg whites when making a lemon meringue. Explains a lot as to why meringue tasted more like a sweet omelet. woops!

  • Kev

    My incident isn't so much a pie baking disaster, as a serving one. I had a supremely unfriendly boss who would only eat Marie Callendars' pumpkin pie. And when I say eat, I mean he would request a quarter slice of the pie, scoop the filling out, devour it in three, maybe five bites, and carelessly discard the crust. (I mean, who doesn't eat the pie crust??? It's sometimes the best part! That irritated me more than anything.) Anyway, that's just one of the peculiarities this man had, most of which many people would grin and bear because he was paying them. One day he had been on a usual rampage, and his assistant relayed that he demanded a slice of pie be waiting on his desk when he returned to the office (I was the office runner at the time). I hurried off to Marie's, grabbed the pie, cut the enormous slice, put it on the paper plate, and rushed it into his office. People, I was so rushed and nervous that just before placing it on his desk, the flimsy paper plate flopped over and that prized piece of dessert slid off the plate in slow motion and landed filling-side-down on the floor. I couldn't believe what I had done. I stood, for what felt like 10 minutes, just staring hopelessly at the sad wedge. Any normal person would have thrown it away and rushed back to the kitchen for another slice, but I panicked and had horrible anxieties of him barging in at any moment. So, I reached down and cradled the slice with extreme care (and, yes, maybe a little bit of spite) and returned the piece of pumpkin goodness to the plate (it had maintained its shape surprisingly well). I surveyed it, dusted it off a bit with a napkin, looked around one last time, and set the plate definitively on the desk. I gathered myself and walked out like nothing had ever happened. My boss arrived soon after, and nobody has ever suspected or been told that dark pie-serving secret to this day. Did I feel good about what I did? Absolutely not. Do I feel better about confessing to you and every other KCRW listener right now? Yes, I do. Would I ever do something like that again? Not on my life. Unless you're one of those who doesn't eat the pie crust.

  • Donna

    Going through my cooking memories past, spending hours racking my brain trying to come up with a pie disaster story. It occurred to me.I have baked plenty of pies. I have never made a pie. OMG, that really is. Disaster . I have always relied on premade frozen or Marie Callenders,hey they are pretty good, don't knock them. I am embarrassed to say I have made many things, but I have never made a pie.looking forward to reading more stories!

  • Sara

    Whoever coined the phrase "easy as pie" clearly hasn't seen me in the kitchen. I'm a serious baker — my idea of a fun weekend is adapting recipes to create a layer cake with cheesecake sandwiched between layers of red velvet cake. But when it comes to pie, I turn into a reject from a Gordon Ramsay show!

    Last year, I tried to create a pumpkin cheesecake pie for a potluck Halloween party. Everything went according to plan, until I tried to put into a plastic container for transport. It fell into five different pieces. I was running late for the party, so I had no choice but to bring the pie. I molded the pieces into a weird-looking square Franken-pie. Suffice to say I won't be asked to bring dessert this year.

  • Alyssa from KCRW

    Thanks everyone for submitting your pie disaster stories! We've chosen a winner, and appreciate all of your submissions!

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