This Week on Good Food: Rosé, Sour Cherries, Gluten-Free Girl, Boozey Jams and Preserves

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Photo: Saving the Season by Kevin West.

Jill Bernheimer, owner of Domaine LA has an extensive inventory of rosé – roughly 40 unique bottles – in her Melrose Avenue store. She says that rosé pairs well with almost any food; plus, the price point is easy on the wallet. Fruit detective David Karp reveals a secret cache of sour cherries and Jonathan Gold enjoys the farm-to-table simplicity of Barnyard in Venice. Shauna James Ahern and Alex Talbot share their ideas for gluten-free flour blends (and a gluten free pie recipe!). Plus, Kevin West shares ideas for adding a splash of booze to your preserves and author David Sedaris says he wants a lid on his pie but “wouldn’t pay two cents for a tart.” At the market, Laura Avery talks to DJ Olsen about his fried green tomato dish at Doughroom and farmer Debby Takikawa debuts her organic yellow corn.

  • Just catching up on some past podcasts. Boy was I impressed with Jill Bernheimer's wine knowledge. More of her please! I used to buy and sell in the wine industry and I learned some very interesting things.

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