Recipe: Rhubarb Raspberry Pie


Pies for BeerHi there.  I’m Evan and I’ll be your initiator to another fantastic summer of  communal pie.  We’re now entering our 5th summer of Pie-a-Day.  That’s CRAZY! But  it’s also super satisfying. That first summer of 2009 all I wanted to do was get better at making pies. So I promised myself (and a few thousand of you) that I would make a pie a day all summer long. That’s what started this yearly mind meld of the pie obsessed. That first summer I made all the pies. It was thrilling, scary, fattening but never boring to either make them or more importantly eat them.I learned a few things.

1.  People will eat anything if it’s well intentioned enough, especially work colleagues. Bless you KCRW office inhabitants!

2.  Repetition really IS the road to mastery, or at least getting to a more delicious place in the road then you were when you started.

3.  There’s just something about Pie that’s all warm and cozy.

So expect another summer of a daily celebration of our favorite all American dessert.  I peeked at a few of the upcoming posts from local bakers, pastry chefs and all around great cooks and I’m incredibly intrigued.  Even after four years we still haven’t fully explored the genre.   That first year I talked all about my pie process but I didn’t actually post recipes, so I’ll be going back and filling in some posts.  Meanwhile take this simple offering from me.  Why Rhubarb Raspberry?  Well that’s a story for another day.