Recipe: Lamb Burgers with Moroccan Spices and Orange Salsa

88LambBurgersWhen it comes to burgers, beef gets all the glory – but Bon Appetit’s gorgeous new grilling tome reminds us that good burgers come in all shapes, colors and textures. The Grilling Book includes burger recipes for turkey, chicken, salmon, tuna, and veggie; plus, it features this mouth-watering lamb burger topped with a salsa of segmented orange slices, beets and green olives. Don’t want to make the salsa? Top it with thick (read: full fat) Greek yogurt mixed with feta cheese, minced garlic and fresh herbs like dill or mint. Instead of a classic bun you can do as Bon Appetit Editor Adam Rapoport suggests and use lavash or another flatbread instead.

Hear about Rapoport’s other non-beef burger suggestions this weekend on Good Food.



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  • Paul Hays


    I am listening to the podcast this week sitting here in my condo in central Japan and looking forward to coming home to Cardiff by the Sea, and getting to my grill and doing burgers and such.

    My favorite burger is a turkey burger, but as they tend to be dry, I make an herbed butter, roll it up and put it in the freezer for a while. Then I slice off small disks of the flavored butter and slip a disk inside each patty as I make them up. This insures that the burger will Get a basting of fat and flavor from the inside as it cooks.

    Just adding a technique that helps with juiciness. However, my wish for summer is going to be Lamb balls, seasoned with Zaatar, which I grow in my garden, And them serving them in pitas with Raita and such.

    Just looking forward to coming home for summer.