Recipe: Cold Carrot Soup to Beat the Heat

Carrot SoupI’m not a soup person per se, but I do love the comforting coolness of a thick chilled soup when the heat tops the mid 80s.  For me a good cold soup should have the same appeal as a smoothie but savory enough to satisfy a pokey appetite.  I find that a bright flavored vegetable soup that’s roughly pureed does the trick.  The challenge of making a cold soup in the heat is that often you must cook the ingredients first.  I deal with that challenge by cooking early in the morning before getting to work.  By 8am the puree is in the fridge and by 6 or 7 it’s there waiting for me to eat after I cool off with a long shower.  Yesterday I could feel the heat by 6am so while waiting for the water to heat for my morning coffee I started dinner.  I’ve officially used my pressure cooker enough that it’s a no brainer for me when I don’t want tons of heat wafting through the kitchen and I want to keep stove time to a minimum.  But, of course you can make this brightly flavored Carrot Soup in the conventional way.  I give directions for both below.  Note that there is no garlic in the soup.  I wanted to keep the “warmer” flavors to a minimum to reinforce the soup’s refreshing quality.  I used soy and fish sauce to tamp down the sweetness of the carrots enough to give a more savory profile to the dish.