Market Recipe: DJ Olsen’s Fried Green Tomatoes with Ricotta, Tomato Jam and Chow Chow

Photo from LA Magazine Digest Blog

DJ Olsen and Eddie Hah are the collaborative culinary team behind The Doughroom, a 60-something seat restaurant on Overland near Palms. At the market last Wednesday, DJ was shopping for both green and red tomatoes. At The Doughroom, he uses a tempura batter to fry the green tomatoes and tops them with an herbed ricotta, house-made tomato jam and chowchow, a pickled relish brought from Nova Scotia to the American South. Chowchow can be used as a condiment anywhere you would use pickles – atop hot dogs or to season a meatball sandwich (you might soon see this on the menu at The Doughroom). DJ shares his recipes below.