A few weeks ago author David Sedaris stopped by KCRW to discuss his latest book Let’s Explore Diabetes with Owls with Bookworm host Michael Silverblatt. After the interview, Silverblatt – the eternal foodie – asked Sedaris about his favorite pie. Listen below as he shares his love of berry pies and lattice crusts:


In May, Sedaris was on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart. About five minutes into the interview, Sedaris shares a hilarious story about sharing a slice of banana cream pie with a male friend in a diner on The Daily Show. Why is it that straight men don’t share desserts?

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  • Dominiuqe

    Oh, classic! I just love David Sedaris! I could listen to his voice all day! and now I HAVE to go to a book signing to see what he will ask me! And, I would love to have him try my pie!

  • Stev

    The sound on the David Sedaris podcast – David Sedaris Talks Pie with KCRW is pretty bad. Can't hear David's voice.

    • gillianferg

      The audio has been updated! You should be able to hear it more clearly now.

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